Higher Education is Important: Here are Reasons Why

Graduation is a momentous occasion for many students. Your years of hard work have finally paid off. To top it all off, you will be free from the shackles of high school, from homework to rigid school policies. Now, you’re at a crossroads of your life – should you continue studying or just bail?

Many students have grown to dislike the idea of education. And that is perfectly valid since the educational system itself has many points to improve on. It is geared towards honing functional workers that it sometimes forgets students are human too. More importantly, economically challenged students will have to take on the burden of student loans.

With all these issues, you might wonder if higher education is still worth it. The answer is yes. Going to college and finishing a degree will get you to places you have once or still dream of.  You’ll have more opportunities for success and development. To be more specific, here are some points why higher education is important for your future.

Career Security

Career security is probably the most common reason why people go to college. Professional jobs, especially white-collared ones, usually require you to have a degree. To employers, it means you are equipped with the fundamental tools to become a competent professional. And while you can get a job with a high school diploma, the wage gap between high school finishers and those with a bachelor’s degree is significantly big. This gap is even set to increase in the future. Thus, college is an assured ticket to both financial security and your dream career. 

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Finding your purpose

However, if you haven’t figured out what you’re supposed to do, a great place to start is college. Not everyone has things set out for them, and that’s perfectly understandable. Some universities even offer general studies during freshman year and then let you choose the major you will pursue after. Hence, being around this kind of academic environment will allow you to explore and know your choices. Not only do you have endless resources, but you’re also around diverse people who might have gone through your struggle.

Personal Development

College can also be a great training ground to hone your skills. You are pushed to think more critically and look at things from a different perspective. Through a more advanced curriculum, you will develop problem-solving qualities and learn new ways of thinking. You will also get to know yourself better, discovering how you uniquely think and learn, and eventually forming your own principles. Written works, oral presentations and exams are some ways to stretch your mind more. Hence, you will also practice your communication skills. Some programs even have experiential methods such as practicum or internship. These will provide hands-on experience of your profession even before you graduate.

Community Engagement

 Apart from your heightened practical skills, you will also develop greater empathy towards society. Your college learning will not be limited to the technicalities of your degree. You will be exposed to intricate issues about public health, the environment, or even politics. These will likely, and hopefully, urge you to engage more in your community. Eventually, you can help more by applying the things you have learned and mastered in college.  

So, whatever decision you’ll make, know that higher education will always be a win. It’s not only a way to make money but an avenue for personal growth as well. In college, you can be a passionate, well-rounded individual – learned and ready to help those in need.

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