Warner Bros. Teases New “Harry Potter” Sequels

No, your eyes do not deceive you Junior Woodchucks and this is not just a mere “click and bait” article; Per those Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Honor Roll Students at The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is hinting that there may be actual sequels in the works to the smash film series based off of author J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter novels.

 During a meet and greet at an HBO Max and Warner Bros. Investors conference this week, WarnerMedia Big Wheel (and all around loveable gent) Jason Kilar put the world of pop culture on its proverbial ear when he touched upon expanding the Harry Potter universe.

 For those Muggles living under a broomstick for the last couple of decades, boy magician Harry Potter first came to life on cinema screens back in 2001 courtesy of director Chris Columbus. The first film, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, was based off of author J.K. Rowling’s smash 1997 book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The story -told over the course of seven novels and eight major motion pictures – detailed the coming of age of a young wizard Harry Potter and his tight as thief’s buddies Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley (the Ringo Starr of the trio). To say that the films and the books that inspired them were a hit would be about the biggest understatement ever. So let’s move on, shall we?

  “There’s this little thing called Harry Potter,” Jason Kilar teased in his talk with investors, “which is one of the most beloved franchises. And we’re incredibly thankful to be able to partner with J.K. Rowling and so I would argue there’s a lot of fun and potential there as well.” Although oblique, Kilar’s suggestion that there might be further adventures of those loveable rascals from Hogwarts immediately captured the imagination of social media, sending armchair pundits such as Yours Truly into fits of apoplexy as we sat down with the meager crumbs provided to us and attempted to figure out whether or not we’re destined to be reunited with good ol’ Harry and gang. Ah, the life of a pop culture prognosticator.

 So what could it all mean (I intone in my best TMZ click-bait tone of voice)? Word ‘round campfire has it that Warner’s is looking to exploit one of their most valuable commodities by possibly greenlighting a live action Harry Potter television series for their streaming service HBO Max.

 Recent skinny has it too that the movie studio may be looking to develop an entirely new tent-pole that would be centered on the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child stage play.

Where does that leave us, then? My instincts – the very self-same and celebrated sixth sense that allowed me in 1987 to accurately predict a sequel to the very un-Harry Potter like vampire fest known as Fright Night (its sequel, Fright Night 2, dropped a year later in 1988. Impressed much? AHEM.) – tells me that it’s not a matter of “if” we will get actual sequels to the Potter franchise, but “when.” Stay tuned for the inevitable updates on this subject you broom riding Harry-holics!

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