Top 5 Celebrities Who Love to Vape

Even though we would like to think differently, celebrities and their fandom set trends in our culture and influence people all over the world. We all know how mothers around the planet react when their kids’ favorite does something scandalous and provocative! Today, celebrities’ actions are covered in all types of media and they can get canceled for many different things. No matter if we think the habits they promote are good or bad, celebs affect our trends. So where do celebrities stand on vaping? Are there famous people who live a vape life and are doing their best to give this habit the good name it deserves? Let’s find out.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the biggest names in Hollywood. He’s not only a bad boy who’s only dating models, but he’s also an Oscar winner labeled the “vaping boss of Hollywood”. Leo is really open about his love of vaping, having been seen in public hitting a vape all the way back in 2009 when this subculture was still in its infancy. DiCaprio can often be seen with a vape in hand even more than 10 years later. A few years back, Leo was spotted vaping at the SAG awards, which triggered a #vapegate and resulted in the ban of vaping from the following 2016 Oscars.

Johnny Depp

Our next vaping celebrity actually co-starred in a movie with our vape king Leo (the 1993 film What’s Eating Gilbert Grape?) Johnny Depp is a seasoned vaper who was spotted partaking by paparazzi on several occasions. According to rumors, Depp took up vaping after filming his 2010 movie The Tourist where his character explains the process of vaping and uses the device. It seems like he fell in love with vaping instantly, so now he brings his e-cig to almost all events.

Katherine Heigl

This actress known for her role of Izzy in Gray’s Anatomy is one of the most famous vapers. Many people argue that she is responsible for bringing vaping into the public eye by vaping on live television during an interview with David Letterman. According to her claims, the vape has really helped her break her cigarette smoking habit. She even convinced David to take a hit! Since then, she has been spotted with other vaping devices. If you want to try out new vaping devices, here’s a puff bar alternative perfect for all people who love flavored vape. With one of these between your lips, you will definitely feel like a celebrity vaper!

Katy Perry

Are you surprised that a singer is smoking? This habit is not the best one for your vocal cords, that’s why Katy Perry (known for hits as “I Kissed A Girl”, “Firework”, “Roar”, and “Teenage Dream”) replaced regular cigs with something a little less harmful. This pop princess in a vocal vaping supporter and could be seen vaping at many public events. In 2013, Katy was caught with a beer in one and an e-cig in the other hand. Also, she was spotted sharing a vape pen with her husband Orlando Bloom at Golden Globes! Since then, Kety became a mother, so it’s not clear whether she quit the habit or not, but she was a great vape spokesperson.

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton had all sorts of jobs (an actress, singer, DJ, model, etc.), but there’s one thing she never quit—being a social influencer that follows trends. Like many celebs who try to stay relevant, Paris has been caught with an e-cig between her lips on more than one occasion.

No matter what you think about social influencers and celebrities, it’s true that they can set the current direction of our cultural trends. These stars mentioned above are a great example of positive influence since they give vaping a good name and help break the stigma about this habit.

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