New Silent Hill Movie on the Way

Director Christophe Gans has revealed news of two upcoming movie projects, both based on video games. One of these games is Japanese horror series, Fatal Frame/Project Zero. The other is Silent Hill. Gans said that this is the right time for another Silent Hill movie, and that he’ll be again working with Victor Hadida on the project.

It’s been 15 years since Silent Hill was turned into a horror flick. And while fans were given a new instalment in 2012 in the form of Silent Hill: Revelation, they weren’t overly impressed. They would surely love the chance to get the taste of that one out of their mouths.

One thing we do know about the movie is that it will have a small-town feel. Gans said that the town will be ravaged by Puritanism. Unfortunately, while news of the movie was made public in 2020, at this point, there still isn’t much to say about the project in terms of plot.

A Winning Formula

The original Silent Hill movie, while some accents made us cringe, was actually enjoyable, considering other movies based on games haven’t always fared well. Part of the reason that this one succeeded was down to the work of experienced composer Akira Yamaoka (the John Williams of the gaming world). Then there was the impressive replication of the iconic monster designed in the series. But yes, then came the disaster that was Silent Hill: Revelation. The less said about that one, the better.

The other project from 59-year-old Gans, Fatal Frame/Project Zero, will be shot in Japan, as Gans wanted the movie to retain the roots of the game, with a Japanese haunted house setting. Gans will also work with Hadida on that project.

Great News for Silent Hill Fans

It’s an exciting time for fans of the franchise, with a Silent Hill remaster on the way. But that’s not all. News of both movies came mere days after a leak suggested that Konami are working on two new Silent Hill games. One of these games will be a reboot, with the other an episodic instalment in the style of Until Dawn.

Konami has said that while nothing can be revealed at this point with regards to the rumours, it’s taking on board the feedback that received from customers, and is looking at how to present the next title in the series.

Fans Still Discovering Secrets

Strangely enough, some players are still discovering secret features of Silent Hill 2 on PlayStation 2, some 20 years after the iconic game was released. Bigmanjapan and punk7890 found a secret mini-map, with a Save Anywhere feature ready to be included once players finish the game and receive the Dog Ending. A volunteer group of developers have also been quietly working on improving the game for PC.

While information has been limited so far, the company clearly isn’t down on the possibility, which has to give fans some hope. It’s also the first time that the gaming giant has even acknowledged that the survival franchise still has a future since plans for Guillermo del Toro’s and Hideo Konami’s reboot plans were scrapped in 2014.

According to Invader, Konami has definite plans to reboot the franchise and there’s a good chance that news of one, or even both of the rumoured games, might be revealed sooner rather than later.

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