Minimalist Jewelry: The Trend That’s Here To Stay

Minimalist jewelry has taken over the fashion spotlight, from big-name influencers to the everyday woman, and it’s not hard to see why. Everybody’s obsessed with this jewelry that is at once the most simple and the most polished thing you’ll wear!

What is Minimalism?

Minimalism’s “less is more” way of thinking can be dated back to the early 1800s, but minimalism as an art form erupted on the scene across all mediums in New York City in the 1960. With its sleek lines and clean forms, it’s no wonder that, since then, more and more fashion-forward ladies are taking to the minimalist look. With all of the craziness and clutter going on around us, we can take comfort in the simple beauties of the world.

A Stylist’s Guide to Minimalist Jewelry

Clean lines, geometric shapes, simply set gemstones, and delicate chains. Minimalist jewelry has one goal: accentuate (not overpower) your natural beauty. Think “light, airy, and fresh.” If you’re looking for some inspo, check out Klenota’s huge variety of minimalist jewelry. It’s perfectly dialed-in to that dreamy “less is more” beauty.

Read on for tips and tricks about styling your jewelry!

Less is More

There are many ways to style your minimalist jewelry. The most common is to wear a standalone piece of jewelry: the classic “less is more” approach. A white gold minimalist necklace with a geometric charm highlights your chest and collarbone without distracting from your face.  A yellow gold diamond ring makes the finger look more slender without weighing it down. Minimalist stud earrings, with or without gemstones, perfectly complete an outfit and accentuate your eyes.

Coco Chanel famously said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.” This minimalist styling would make her proud!

A Small Package that Packs a Punch

A single minimalist ring adds a delicate touch to an outfit. But if you want a bolder look that’s still sleek, stacking is the way to go. Wear two or three minimalist rings on the same finger for a chic set. Or try out rings with different gemstones or geometric shapes on side-by-side fingers for an eye-catching contrast. 

The same goes for minimalist necklaces. Simple designs mean that the stacking possibilities are endless. Three necklaces with small, simply set gemstones adds a depth of color and thoughtfulness to an outfit without being too matchy-matchy. Minimalist necklaces with different shapes and charms will bring in a youthful, bright element.

With so many possibilities, you may want to try a lot of combos to find your unique style. Klenota allows exchanges or returns up to 100 days (yes, 100!) after your purchase, so you can find your perfect pieces without the hassle!

More Tricks of the Trade

An insider trick with stacking minimalist rings or necklaces is to choose pieces that are slimmer or daintier to avoid bulkiness. This will best accentuate your natural beauty. Also, when layering necklaces, be sure to layer necklaces of different lengths. This will add depth and keep the pieces from bunching up.

Another style point to think about when stacking is the color of the pieces, whether white, yellow, or rose gold. Stacking pieces of the same color gold is classic, and it’s recommended it when stacking three necklaces.

However, a stack of three rings in white, yellow, and rose gold color is a surprisingly chic combination while still being daring and unique. Another daring combo is a minimalist white gold necklace with a yellow gold necklace. This out-of-the-ordinary combo goes against the fashion “rules,” but when it’s styled with the right outfit, it’s magic!

Minimalist Jewelry: Your Day-To-Night Go-To

Minimalist jewelry is an invaluable accessory because of its versatility. The same minimalist earrings can go from button-up and blazer at work to little black dress at a romantic dinner without skipping a beat. A delicate minimalist bracelet can seamlessly transition from a Saturday morning walk with the dogs to brunch with the girls. And minimalist rings and necklaces are the perfect mix of sleek and striking. You’ll never want to take them off, no matter where you go!

A Timeless Trend

The simplicity of minimalist jewelry makes it timeless. And that timelessness is why minimalist wedding and engagement rings are the go-to for couples. With a classic solitaire diamond engagement ring, you don’t need all the frills. Add a simple minimalist gold wedding band, and let the jaw-dropping diamond speak for itself!

Because it’s so timeless, you should keep your minimalist jewelry in good shape. This is why the KLENOTA service includes free lifetime jewelry cleaning. The minimalist jewelry trend is here to stay, so make sure your pieces shine bright for years to come!

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