Possibly, his success, his ambition and his desire to grow are the result of all the personal and work experiences that have accompanied him over the years. He does not have an easy story, because in his adolescence he ceased his educational practice and between the egame and his self-taught eagerness, he continued his solo career. Josef Brocki is a clear example of this. He is only 20 years old and already owns his own online business, with which he manages to invoice 400,000 euros per month in one of his stores.


The premature entrepreneur has 5 years of experience thanks to his early interest in dropshipping. But before this, he got trained in the world of marketing thanks to the job they offered him at the professional club where he played.


Among all his past, present and future projects, there is one that leads him to be fighting passionately to change education: Evolve is an academy that teaches you to create your own online business, starting today. No risk and hardly investment can give life to any type of trade. This online school for entrepreneurs learns the skills most in demand in the job market among many other functions.

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