How to Pick Stocks: A Beginner’s Quick Guide

One of the most discussed topics in the past year centered around investments, as more people began to take their finances a little more seriously. The COVID-19 pandemic contributed greatly to the number of people who traded stocks and popular trading apps like Robinhood reported more monthly trades. It’s been roughly a year since the pandemic and there’s still no going back for most people who have started trading. 

However, while it has become common practice to open a trading account and get started in the stock market, there are still some basic things you must know. To win in the stock market, you must learn how to pick stocks and this article serves as a quick guide for beginners.

Determine Your Goals

Know your purpose for investing before getting started. For the most part, everyone has a common goal, which is to make money. But this money is targeted towards different reasons; while some choose to invest towards retirement, some others want it as an extra source of income or to preserve their wealth. Knowing your goals will help you develop an investment strategy to work with, whether it is for the short or long term.

Find a Company

There are different ways to find a company to invest in but most beginners tend to invest in stocks they believe are performing well at the moment. While that seems like a good idea, the current performance of a company can’t determine what to expect in the long run or if it will favor you eventually. You can filter your choice based on the sector and industry and as a beginner, you may want to start with companies that you’re already familiar with and follow the next step.

Do Your Homework

Don’t let the fear of missing out cloud your thoughts and judgments such that you are unable to look at things critically. Before getting started on any investment, do your research and understand the company you’re about to invest in. It’s easy to see this as a money-making scheme but always bear in mind that when you buy stocks, you are a shareholder of that company. Do proper analysis and learn about the trends in earnings growth, the company’s strength in its industry, dividends, and progress since inception, before making a decision. For example, you can check the tesla osake hinta or any other company you’ve found interest in.

Bottom Line

To achieve your investment goals, your choice of stocks play a huge role. This is also why diversification of portfolio is important, as you can’t completely predict the stock market. To help with risk management, create the right mix of stocks by adding companies from different industries to your portfolio. This helps ensure that you don’t have all your eggs in one basket and lose when it fails. 

Following this quick and easy guide as a beginner can help you to choose right and as you learn and master the market, you can make even better choices in the future.

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