How to give your wooden floor a new life

In addition to being warm and elegant, natural wood floors offer the possibility of renewing their surface layer to repair wear and small scratches or bumps that may have occurred during use. Restoring wooden flooring may be carried out more or less times depending on the thickness of the noble layer of the parquet. It should be taken into consideration when choosing new flooring and repairing the one you already have. You will have a new wooden floor for much less than it would cost you to put a new parquet or laminate flooring.

If the hardwood floor looks a little tired and you want to fix it, depending on the severity of the “fatigue,” you may escape by cleaning it really well, or it may take a little more work to fix. 

Clean it deeply. Sometimes it’s really good cleaning that the hardwood floors that look tired need to look good again. When it comes to cleaning hardwood floors, it would be ideal if the room could be completely emptied. 

Tip: If you are considering steam cleaning the floor, make sure the floor seals are in good condition before you start. Otherwise, excessive humidity can damage the floor.

Go ahead and restore wooden floors.

Wood is a natural material that ages elegantly and can accompany us throughout our lives with proper care and maintenance. For this, the wooden floors should be restored whenever they look worn when we notice that they have lost color or present scratches and imperfections caused by daily use or inclement weather.

Restore a wooden floor

The main reasons for the price differences between different types of wooden floors are the variety of wood and its finishes. It is always advisable to restore a floor made of this material.

The process to restore wooden floors.

Restoration of a wooden floor is focused on sanding the surface to apply later the decided treatment. However, the procedure may involve other types of actions depending on the state of the wooden floor.

The first step is to study the pavement’s stability in order, if necessary, to stabilize and consolidate unstable areas. It is also evaluated whether it is required to replace any piece of the pallet that is significantly damaged. The parquet is then slashed to remove the old varnish and smooth the surface.

If the floor presents bumps or small cracks at this point, they can be repaired with putty, generally composed of sawdust from the same floor mixed with specific products. Finally, the finish chosen by the client is applied: varnish, oil, etc.

The duration of the works to restore wooden floors

will depend a lot on the pavement’s initial state and the type of floor (glued slats, laminated flooring, concrete wood floor, etc.). However, the two experts consulted agree that the works may require from a few days – the most common in domestic installations – to several weeks, in the case of intricate floors in which different types of wood are mixed.

Hence, it is advisable to plan the reform since it completely empties the space to work on it. The wooden floor can be restored by rooms, which allows the client to continue living at home. You can hire the for best maintaining service.

Some time ago, stabbing wooden floors meant removing or covering all delicate objects from the work area. The dusty environment created was neither healthy nor pleasant.

How to get the best finish for the wooden floor

Once the wooden floor has been polished, there are different surface treatments, depending on the finish sought, the type of wood, and, in particular, the use that will be given to the floor.

It is important to know about where the parquet is installed, what type of use space has – a bedroom is not the same as a passage area -, what are the properties that we want to highlight from the wood – its natural tone or, for, on the contrary, a different tint – if you are looking for a glossy or matte finish. Among other issues will allow us to decide the most suitable product in each case from an extensive range

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