GregR&B Released Latest Hit Single “Cuddle Moves” Off Album Love Again

NY Based R&B artist GregR&B recently released his latest music video for the hit single “Cuddle Moves,” off his latest album, Love Again, dropped via Hits On Fye. The groovy soundtrack adds to the singer’s ‘cuddly’ voice to create a release that resonates with the audience on multiple levels. The music gives a feeling of warmth, groove, and sensual emotions. The song is produced by BenzMuzik and recorded at StarrMix studios by MixGod, with the music video directed by 4Grounds Media. 

The formula, which the artist developed, could be considered as a hypnotic R&B sound, mixing his soulful and captivating voice with today’s era of production. The unique melody exposes his evident mastery of the music making craft. He strives to share a wave of emotions, feelings, and experiences he’s gone through during his lifetime. 

GregR&B excels at transforming his ideas into captivating music. Setting love as the core value, he also manages to incorporate his generous heart in the song. The release of his latest music video, “Cuddle Moves,” will most definitely stick with the audience for a long time.

For now, enjoy his latest release, and let’s wait and see where the artist takes us next!

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GregR&B - Cuddle Moves ( Official Music Video ) 2021 R&B

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