Fitch Means

Fitch Means – The versatile artist who has won million hearts with his music

There are very few talented artists who ace in anything related to music, Fitch Means is one of them.

William Fitchett Means known popularly as Fitch Means is an American singer, songwriter, musician and influencer from Philadelphia who is known for his versatility in the music and entertainment industry. He spent his early days in Mt.Airy where right from the word go all knew that he was all set to make it big in the musical world. Having spotted his talent at an early age his parents made him join the school gospel choir to get his novice singing instincts a boost. His years at university had him take part in various gigs at university events. 

Having started his music career in 2018 and since his debut he has come a long way and made a mark for himself in the world of music. Having entered the music industry by the name Fitch Means, his first single “Secrets”, which hit the market was critically acclaimed and was soon followed by him co-founding his own label “Black Point LLC”. 


His performance at the largest African American street festival in the United States, Odunde Festival took his popularity and fan following to great heights. His video ‘Millions’ was sponsored to be shot in the beautiful locales of Jamaica which was later picked up by music channel VH1 in its top playing list. His single releases like 2 am Drive hit the chartbusters and Means soon released the full EP 2 am Drive shortly which went on to become a rage. He has won the esteemed Artist of the Week’ from Maze Radio. 

Presently having attained fame and popularity with a huge fan following Fitch is one of the most preferred artists for sponsored video shoots and events. Fitch Means is soon looking at diversifying into entrepreneurship by launching his own clothing brand which is surely going to hit the bull’s eye on launch. Here’s one artist who with his talent is all set to rule the music industry in times to come.

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