Does Hand Sanitizer Expire? Which One Should you buy?

Does Hand Sanitizer Expire?

Hand sanitizers and soap play crucial roles to maintain your health and fitness. One is portable while the other isn’t. They don’t have interchangeable characteristics. Nothing provides a thorough cleaning like soap, but sanitizers are great when you’re on the go. But if you wonder does hand sanitizer expire and what points should you keep in mind before buying a Hand Sanitizer? Then this Article is for you!

Every hand sanitizer comes with an expiration date. Pay attention to it. It refers to how long the ingredients used remain stable. They’re ineffective after that time. A hand sanitizer typically lasts for two to three years. Some may remain effective after their expiration time.

3 Best Hand Sanitizers to buy in 2021

3. Pump by Clorox Hand Sanitizer

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This sanitizer spray pump is an easy solution for the office. You can place it in any common area for regular use. It could be a countertop or a side table. The robust size makes it difficult to carry around. It can kill germs in seconds though. It contains around 71 percent ethyl alcohol.

2. Original Hand Sanitizer by Germ-X

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This is a popular brand found in many households. It contains around 62 percent ethyl alcohol. Though not as strong as the previous brand, it kills germs easily without drying your skin. The hand sanitizer also contains vitamin E which helps with moisturizing.

1. Advanced Hand Sanitizer by Purell

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This sanitizer comes in bottles of four. It gets rid of most germs and bacteria. Your hands remain fresh and soft at a reasonable price. This hand sanitizer contains around 70 percent ethyl alcohol! It’s one of the highest concentrated alcohol-based sanitizers that you can buy at a fair price.

Why Hand Sanitizers Expire

Why? It’s because of the presence of alcohol. Alcohol is the active ingredient in sanitizers. They’re still effective to certain extents after their concentration dropped. It’s not dangerous to use an expired sanitizer. It just won’t produce the desired effect. It differs for every brand though.

Alcohol volatile and evaporates once exposed to air. This is why most containers are airtight. The evaporation doesn’t take place instantaneously.

How Useful Are Hand Sanitizers

Hand sanitizers are a must-have in hospitals. They stop viruses or bacteria from transmitting. They’re convenient too. It’s easier to clean your hands this way. You can’t wash your hands every time you sneeze. Hand sanitizers are a quicker alternative, especially when you’re outside the comfort of your home.

However, they’re effective only when used correctly. Always use the right amount. Make sure you thoroughly rub it across the surface of your hands. Don’t wipe them off your hands after applying either. Also, purchase sanitizers that have at least 60 percent alcohol in them!

Things to Keep in Mind

Hand sanitizers kill germs only. They don’t clean your hands. Nothing trumps soap and water in this regard. Only alcohol-based sanitizers kill the germs on your skin. They also don’t work on greasy or overly dirty hands. Harmful chemicals such as pesticides aren’t removed either.

Don’t use cleaning products as a substitute for hand sanitizer! Disinfecting sprays or cleaning wipes don’t work the same way. So be careful or it may lead you to a Flu that may last long. They shouldn’t be ingested as it contains toxic materials. Sanitizers are also flammable because of the alcohol content.

Now that you know what to look for, let’s check out the best sanitizers in the market.


Hand sanitizers aren’t harmful to your health unless ingested or overused. So there are two things Hand sanitizers and Kids Reusable Face Mask you should never overuse for the sake of good health. Overusing alcohol-based sanitizer can irritate your skin. It dries your skin easily. Soap washes away microbes but sanitizer kills them. So they’re worthy investments. 

Always check the expiration date. You need to know when your active ingredients are rendered ineffective. This date refers to the time it goes below 90 percent. Remember, it’s not dangerous to use it after that time. However, it’s typically useless. The industry standard is usually two to three years.

Just ensure you purchase one with at least 60 percent alcohol content. These won’t help soiled or greasy hands. Opt to use a water and soap solution. Clean hands are the best defense against germs and bacteria. Prevent the spread of illnesses by investing in a good hand sanitizer!

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