Choosing the Right Solar Panel: Easy Tips

 Solar power is a great energy source, which is accessible for everyone anywhere. This type of renewable energy resource is unique as it is unlimited and provides the most effective electricity production. Special solar systems were elaborated for environment preservation, but nowadays, these apparatuses also have become a great chance to save money. Due to the increasing popularity of solar appliances, the market offers different types of panels for diverse needs. There is an opportunity to buy models with a power capacity from 300 to 440 watts. Besides, you can choose voltage and get 12, 48, or 24v solar panel.

The accessibility of solar power is ensured by the functioning of solar systems. These special mechanisms include solar panels, batteries, charge regulators, electricity meters, junction boxes, cables, etc. The system is also known as PV apparatus due to the photovoltaic effect, which allows sunlight conversion into electricity.

Reasons to Choose Solar Panels

Eco-friendly electricity production with the help of solar appliances attracts a lot of people. However, besides the nature saving, sunlight, as an energy resource, offers the following benefits:

  • Save money. Large energy payments, electricity price fluctuations, and power surges will not disturb you anymore. In addition, the value of your property will increase up to 4% in comparison with the buildings without installed PV apparatuses.
  • Full energy independence. With the use of panels, you do not need to connect to the main electric grid and buy electricity. Your apparatuses will generate your own energy in needed amounts according to the individual requirements. Moreover, you are not tied to one current place; so, you can situate a building in the outfield or buy panels for a marine vessel.
  • Security, durability, and simplicity. The setting process and any repair do not demand a lot of time and effort. High-quality materials ensure the longevity of apparatuses and your safety. In addition, all panel producers carry a long-term assurances system. The majority of manufacturers offer a warranty term from 10 to 25 years and constant support during the whole assurance period.

Easy Tips How to Select the Right Solar Panel

It is important to choose the appliance from a wide variety of options, which will gratify all your preferences, requests, and wishes. To prepare for the purchase of a solar system, it is necessary to:

  • Define the main goals. There are diverse appliances for residential buildings and commercial enterprises because there is a difference in power capacity needed for private use or production demands.
  • Determine your budget. Various models are made of different materials with both low and high prices. In addition, the value of a system depends on the number of necessary appliances.
  • Consider the necessary amount of energy. Take into account the building size and all house devices such as TV, computer, refrigerator, iron, hairdryer, washing machine, and others.
  • Regard the weather conditions. The intensity of sun rays depends on the climate of a region. It is important to select an apparatus, which can work with equal efficiency in all seasons regardless of low or high light conditions. In addition, due to the geographical specifics of a location, sometimes, it is necessary to purchase a panel with wind and snow resistance.

There are two most popular models:

  • Monocrystalline Panels. These models are made of qualitative expensive material – single-crystal silicon, which provides 100% purity. So, this type has the highest effectiveness on the market. Moreover, productivity is not influenced by the weather changes. Monocrystalline models do not require a large installation space; so, they are perfect for marine ships and recreational vehicles.
  • Polycrystalline Panels. The main advantage of these models is their affordability. The efficiency is not harmed by the low price. This type is a great variant for residential houses and factories.

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