You Can now Anonymously Send Poop to Your Enemies

As you go about living your life, you get to meet a wide spectrum of people. Some are nice and adorable, while others only make your blood boil. The reasons why we hate differ. To some, it might be a nosy neighbor who called the cops on them, an inconsiderate boss, a bully, or a colleague who snitched on you. Thoughts of doing something to get them back may cross your mind but the fear of having a record or even serving time ends up putting a stop to the thoughts as soon as they cross your mind. Without waiting for karma to do its deed, you can get revenge without breaking a sweat. Delivering poo at their workplace, mail, or doorstep will show precisely how you feel without lifting a finger. Below is a guide on how to go about it.

1)            Find Poo

If you live near or on an animal farm, this is easy since all you have to do is pick the poo, wrap it, and send it. If you feel bold enough, you can sign it off with a personalized message or your name. For those who do not have this privilege, you can use your pets waste or check sites that sell poop for purchase. Believe it or not, such a site exists. Every week, they have a special poo offer from a specific type of animal. You get to choose where you would like it delivered, and you can even personalize the message. The site, which has been in existence since 2014, has delivered poo in over 30 countries. It is translated into 24 languages for ease of access and ordering.

2)             Make Your Payment

Many people pulling this off are always afraid of having the payment traced back to them. The site allows payment using Bitcoin or PayPal. However, those who do not mind having their details out there pay using their phone or credit cards. The site also has a discretion policy, and they do not reveal details about their clients at all times, making it a safe and secure way of pulling pranks. When having trouble making the payment or navigating the site, the customer support service is available all day, every day, and in over five different languages. Once completed, sit down and wait for your shitty gift to be delivered.

3)             The Twist

Poo delivery should not necessarily be meant for your enemies only. If you and your friends are comfortable pulling dark jokes and pranks on each other, this is the perfect way of doing it. You can have it delivered to them or to you and you, in turn, give it to them. This creates humor when received and keeps you on your toes in anticipation of what they will do next. To make it even more hilarious, share the unwrapping process on social media platforms. The likelihood of others using the same prank on unsuspecting people will be high.

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