Top 6 Ways of Instagram Monetization

Instagram is considered to be a comfortable platform for monetization. As it is very flexible and visual, many people choose it as a place to sell things and create personal brands. However, it is important to remember that Instagram is quite different from many other social media. Unlike YouTube, which offers certain profit options when you hit a required quantity of views, for ig videos, the number of those would only be a metric that indicates visibility but does not provide revenue directly. 

So, what are the most sufficient ways to monetize your Instagram blog? In this article are offered the top 6 things to try out!

1. Affiliate marketing

This method of earning is suitable practically for any type of blog and can be a fine addition for anyone who has a decent following built up. So, long story short, you just become an influencer. Your task is to promote a brand, product, or service to your followers. You must drive users to a specific link. After they click it and purchase a product or service that you have promoted for example in your video, you get a percent from this sale. More views and clicks equal a fine income without putting much effort into it. 

You can think that this method of earning requires a huge audience, but in reality, investors won’t look at quantity. Their main interest is the quality of your following base. The better engagement rate you have, the better is the chance to achieve high-quality products and services for promotion. 

  • Keep up the tight bond with your audience
  • Work on improving your engagement level constantly
  • Approach each potential buyer personally and work out a subtle sales strategy

2. Becoming an influencer

The upgrade for affiliate marketing, that requires a bigger following base and secured bond with the audience. Usually, after you hit a particular level of popularity, brands will reach out to you by themselves. The kind of relationship that influencers have with their audience is impossible to replicate, so no wonder that this type of marketing is now considered as one of the most effective for brands. 

The higher is your rating on Instagram, the bigger can be the revenue from your collaboration. This isn’t the easiest way to earn money from your profile on Instagram, because you have to grow your blog at first. But later it can be a good source of passive income. 

  • Grow a huge audience
  • Create outstanding content
  • Maintain your reputation and rates

3. Consulting/corporate training

What are you good at? What professional skills and knowledge do you have?  Becoming a consultant is a good way to change a corporate worker’s career to become a selfmade. Passing on your professional experience and knowledge is a step forward in your career and your salary rate. 

Instagram has many opportunities to create a personal brand because consulting business is practically always settled on your own experience. People come to you with a problem, and the task of your profile on Instagram is to ensure that they will find salvation. Besides initial consulting services, you can easily add some digits to your income through selling guides, seminars, and other informational products. 

  • Think about what kind of services you can provide well
  • Develop a solid marketing strategy
  • Continue your professional growth to keep up with new trends

4. Coaching and Training

Instagram is widely known for its beauty and fitness visualization. Sports and healthy nutrition are an incredibly popular industry to cover on Instagram. If you are involved in the industry of fitness, the easiest way for you here is to promote your services with the help of videos as a coach for other people who want to improve their body quality. Although this niche has high competition, there is still a place for new faces and programs so you will get your views. The keyword here is providing individual communication and thus nurturing a community of people who found support and got a great result with your help. 

Also, there’s a lot of opportunities to sell additional products, like training and nutrition plans, individual programs, and guidelines. 

  • Make sure you have a proven qualification to be a fitness trainer
  • Develop your social skills
  • Create an effective program that gives a real result

5. Tutorials, Workshops, and other education activity

This is a good option for artists and craftsmen. If you are producing things by hand, have impeccable skills, and love sharing your experience – welcome to earning for life! Many people want to achieve new skills and improve what they are able of already, so here is your chance to get some bucks incoming. You can not only sell your art, but sell your work routine as well. Just create a decent tutoring material. You can use Instagram as a digital display of your results, sort a hall of fame. Looking at your work, people will be eager to do that too. So, after you shock the crowds with your creations, you can redirect them to your site, or educational platforms like Skillshare, Domestica, or Patreon. 

  • Post lots of your works to show your professionalism
  • Motivate people to earn new skills with you
  • Provide different options and plans for your potential buyers

6. Selling products

Well, the easiest way to monetize Instagram that you could think of. You can sell products you create yourself or do dropshipping, it doesn’t matter much. As long as you have a solid vision and the right strategy for promotion, followed by your personal affinity and devotion, you will find success. Unlike training, consulting, or tutoring, this method of earning money on Instagram is very time-consuming. To make your business run steady, you will have to invest in it, and keep your reputation at the highest possible level. The risk of failing is also bigger, so you have to think thoroughly on the subject of sales, trends you can use to piggyback, and your competition. 

  • Define what you want to sell
  • Examine what’s the hottest trends in the industry
  • Work on your marketing strategy and be ready to invest in it

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