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Marcus Bell is one of the top music producers/composer in the industry. He has worked with some of the biggest artists such as Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry, Snoop Dogg and many more. He also produced and composed for some of the most famous films and TV shows.

Apart from that Bell is a successful entrepreneur who wants to help people achieve their goals in life. That’s why he created a project called “100 Dayz Challenge” in his ‘Wealth and Impact’ boot camp to guide people to the way to success.

This Challenge helps people achieve their goals in life, not matter what they are by creating a sense of community.

The people joining this challenge will have to do something every day that will help them get where they want to be. And every day they’ll have to share with the rest of the community what they did. This way they feel they really have to stick to it and they belong to a community. They’ll also have to create a consequence for themselves, something they’d hate doing. If they miss one day of the challenge, they’ll have to apply that consequence.

Each individual has a different goal, it could be getting a better relationship with your family or partner, growing your company, selling more records, or anything anyone wants.

Years ago, Marcus was $75K in debt and life wasn’t as easy as it is now… But he managed to go from being in debt to becoming a millionaire and the go-to music producer/songwriter for celebrity artists because he learnt how to commit to his goals.

Bell has also produced soundtracks for several television shows and films. Some on the upcoming ones are the TV series P-Valley (Starz Network) with the singles ‘Boy Listen’ and ‘Own It’, and the soon-to-be-released Netflix series Ginny & Georgia with the song ‘Give Us Love’. It was recently released the Netflix Christmas film ‘Operation Christmas Drop’ with his song ‘Joy to the World’. 

We get to sit with Marcus to discuss his new challenge and more!

What’s the challenge about?

This challenge is about people moving forward on the things they care most about. Challenges have been around for a while and most are shorter-term challenges that are between 5-30 days. This challenge really helps people to change their behavior in a positive way because of the way it is designed. It builds community in times where so many people are alone and it provides accountability so that people can have enough incentive to stick to it. The challenge cuts across cultures, communities, industries, and conditions of life. It creates a community of people that want to go for their dreams and full potential.

Why did you start it?

I started it with a group of people in my Wealth and Impact Bootcamp program and the results they got were so incredible I had to make it public so that it could help more people. For example, there is a guy named Ben who took on raising money to make a difference in Haiti. He raised thousands of dollars and kids, engineers and politicians took to the streets with him to clean up Haiti. Another person, Linda, started painting every day and posting her work on Instagram… It’s incredible what she created. There are many more examples…

What makes it different than others?

The spelling is one aspect. When you see 100dayz, you know it’s this challenge. We have some behavior science baked into it. There is a myth that it takes 30 days to change a behavior when it is actually an average of 66 days according to research. Some people may think… ”Oh 100 days is a long time”, it ends up just being about 3 months of the year. By the time you hit 100 of the days you became it. You embody whatever you took on. The significance of this Impact challenge is that it launches officially at the same time Biden and Harris start their 100days.

What are the requirements to join?

You just go to and sign up and you will get all the guidelines. You have to come up with a consequence for if you don’t finish it and some other details that will help you to stay on track. One of the prizes that will be given away to someone selected is a piece of jewelry that was in the movie Black Panther. The amazing jewelry maker Baba G, one of the designers from the film has contributed it as a prize.

What’s the best way to succeed in the challenge?

The best way to achieving success in the challenge is to not go it alone. We have created a Facebook group where people can get encouragement and support. Also, having an accountability partner helps as well.

When will the next challenge be?

You can start the challenge at any time.

Why would ppl join this challenge instead of doing it on their own?

Most people fail when they take on a challenge like this when they do it on their own. I’m not saying everyone, but a majority of people can benefit from community. One person’s story can inspire another person and that helps push you toward your most important goal.

Why 100 days?

100 dayz is the movement. When someone says, I’m doing the 100dayz, everyone will know that they are on a transformative journey, that they are going to impact something important, that they are going for their dreams, or taking big actions or tiny actions to make their lives better. What would be your 100dayz?

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