Bitcoin Prime Review 2021 – App and Free Demo Account Overview

Bitcoin Prime is a new cryptocurrency trading platform bringing the most powerful and informative system and tools for traders on the crypto market. And they are officially live. 

The platform has generated substantial interest from the cryptocurrency trading industry because of how the platform meets the needs and wants of the traders. 

This platform has been said to have implemented the features and tools that traders want but have not been offered by other platforms. This platform has advanced features that really help them stand out from the competition. 

This platform has been designed to generate profits and some studies have shown that a win-rate of above 60% is possible with the right strategy.

Some of the Functionality that people are raving about on Bitcoin Prime:

Higher Leverage:

Leverage is essentially borrowing money from your brokers to buy or sell a stock. You will put down a percentage such as 5 or 10% and the broker will put up the rest of the money. You will, in turn, pay interest on this money. 

Bitcoin Prime has been said to offer higher leverage amounts than other platforms allowing its users to trade bigger leading to potentially bigger profits. This allows traders the flexibility to trade more freely.

Short Selling:

Shorting or short selling is when you borrow an asset to sell it and buy it back at a lower price, essentially making money when the market goes down. 

This is a riskier type of trading but has been shown the potential to earn bigger profits. This is a popular tool used by traders and the Bitcoin Prime Automated system allows the user to short sell Crypto assets.

Stop Losses & Trading Limits:

Stop losses allow you to set an automatic close of the trade when the price reaches a certain price. This can help you lock in profits and avoid excessive losses. Many traders have attributed Stop losses to being a vital feature on a trading platform. 

The other feature is trading limits, this allows the users to limit the amount of funds traded on the account at any one time. This is a huge help in keeping your risk exposure low. It also helps users limit the amount of funds used when the automated trader is on.

Unique and Customizable Interface

Every trader is different. And while many of their preferences are alike, they have specific data that they like to be included and shown on their platform. Bitcoin Prime allows its users to customize their interface allowing for specific data streams to be shown and thus allows for a more streamlined and easier trading process suited to each trader.

Start Trading with Bitcoin Prime Today!

The information you get from Bitcoin Prime is as accurate and precise as you will find. This allows you to make better trades as you are able to see the data better. The platform has also been applauded for its user-friendly nature. It has been said to be easier for beginner and advanced traders to adjust to the platform with ease. 

The registration process is easy and straightforward. The team at Bitcoin Prime has worked hard to ensure that the sign up process is easier than its competitors while still following all the necessary regulations. This is why the platform will assign you a Personal Account Manager as soon as you sign up. This person will be able to assist you in signing up and answer any of the questions you may have. This is truly a standout feature of Bitcoin Prime.

Here are the steps to opening your account:

  • Registration-Registration is FREE. This is the first step and all you have to do is fill out the form and your personal account manager will make contact with you shortly after.
  • Making Your Deposit -You need to fund your account with €250. This is part of the registration process and gives you access to the whole trading platform. We recommend starting small and depositing more when you start to make a profit. You can fund your account through any major debit and credit cards, including bank transfers. 
  • Demo-trading-One of the most outstanding features of Bitcoin Prime is that you can trade on the demo account for free. This allows you the opportunity to get used to the platform and its features before you risk your own money. You can practice with €5000 in virtual money through your demo account. The demo trades run on historical data and will provide you with a realistic experience to prepare you for live trade. 
  • Live trading account -This is where the money is made. The live trading platform is easy to navigate for both beginners and expert traders. This makes it faster for you to get started trading and less time trying to work out where the buttons of. Studies have shown that the speed and responsiveness of the platform are what traders are enjoying the most. 

The free registration only takes a few minutes. Visit the official Bitcoin Prime website now.

Customer Service and Transparency

What traders hate is when you have an issue and there is no one to help and tend to your issue. Bitcoin Prime has changed this by having customer service available 24/5 via email, telephone and in-app chat. This can put you at peace of mind that when you need to be trading the support staff are available. 

Surveys have shown that the customer service team is attentive and helpful. This helps you worry less about downtime and gives you more time to focus on your trading. This platform has been shown to allow its users to generate profits and that is what trading is all about.

Trading is risky. And when something is high intensity and fairly complex you need a good trading software to equip you. Through our in-depth studies we have found that Bitcoin Prime is a top-class software with capabilities of helping traders generate above-average profits. 

With the crypto market being a great place to invest now, why are you waiting? Sign up with Bitcoin Prime today and start trading!

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