What is MDO Plywood? The Benefits and Usages of Medium Density Overlay Plywood

Medium-density overlay (MDO) plywood is a special kind that has vast applications. It can be used for a variety of construction projects. If you are looking for material that can be suitable for exterior use, MDO plywood is a way to go. There is one important thing that you should know. MDO and MDF (medium-density fiberboard) are very similar but not the same things. Never confuse MDO with MDF because a medium-density overlay is much more versatile. It comes in the highest quality as compared to many other materials.

There are endless applications of this kind of plywood because of its strength, durability and water-resistant properties. Many commercial contractors prefer using MDO for exterior projects. It is specifically designed for exterior use but medium-density overlay is an all-purpose product at the same time. If you are living in an area with humid and moisture conditions, a reliable MDO plywood supplier can provide you the highest quality of the material.

Due to the qualities it possesses, such plywood has become popular in many parts of the world. It can be used anywhere regular plywood is used. The manufacturing process makes it a very strong, durable and lightweight material. It is one of the commonly used materials for build projects.

How is MDO Plywood made?

When it comes to the making process of this special kind of plywood, thin wood veneers are used. These are layered perpendicularly that provide stability. Under certain heat or pressure conditions, a resin-impregnated fiber surface is bonded to the sides to produce a medium-density overlay. This process results in the creation of an exterior grade plywood panel. This process provides it a smooth surface which is ideal for many applications. Most importantly, water-proof resins are used in the manufacturing process of MDO. These resins are of the highest quality and often exceed all construction requirements. Such a process makes this material very suitable for exterior signs.

Benefits of MDO Plywood

Plywood offers a lot of benefits to potential buyers. Such benefits encourage them to invest in the highest quality of plywood, and medium-density overlay is one of them. It has vast applications and can be used for a large number of exterior and interior projects. The professional MDO plywood suppliers ensure providing premium quality products to the buyers. Due to its strength, durability and lightweight, MDO is commonly used for a variety of projects such as concrete forms, outdoor signs and exterior siding.

Take a look at some of the key benefits that this kind of plywood offers to potential buyers.

MDO’s Strength

As compared to many other materials, MDO is very strong that makes it suitable for large projects. Remember, there are always some disadvantages with any material. In the case of a medium-density overlay, being so strong without any major disadvantage makes it the perfect choice for buyers. In the manufacturing process, strong adhesives and high-quality wood veneers give it long-lasting strength. Are you looking for a strong material that is used for a variety of construction projects? Look no further than buying MDO plywood from a reliable supplier.


When it comes to a home improvement project, you need to choose a highly durable material. Everyone, of course, wants to buy a product that will last for years to come. This is where a medium-density overlay takes an edge. Due to its uniform strength, this type of plywood is very durable. Moreover, it can also resist high pressure, making it the best material for many applications. As MDO is highly-durable, it is very popular in the home build industry.


What makes a medium-density overlay so special? It is a light-weight material that is used for many indoor and outdoor projects. It is designed for exterior use in order to withstand extreme weather conditions. The lightweight nature of plywood makes it easier for you to work. Most importantly, you can transport it without any hassle from one place to the other. For commercial applications, MDO is one of the best materials.

What MDO plywood is used for?

There are vast applications for which MDO plywood is used because of its strength. It is a far more durable material when compared with medium-density fiberboard. It contains more resin on the face which is a huge plus in terms of durability and suitability. Many contractors use MDO for exterior applications because it is easier to handle due to its lightweight. Most importantly, you can buy MDO plywood in the USA at an affordable price.

Here are some of the key applications of medium-density overlay plywood.

Outdoor signs material

The material used for outdoor signs is also referred to as signboards. This kind of plywood has excellent moisture resistance and durability. Both of these characteristics make it the best and suitable material for making signs. Do you know the highway department prefers signs made from medium-density overlay plywood? Dimensional stability makes the inner core more consistent and dense as compared to many other materials. Moreover, there is no significant defect in MDO.

Concrete Forms

Because of its strength, durability and water-resistance, MDO is a perfect material for concrete forms. There are versatile applications where it can be used. Concrete forms built with medium-density overlay can be assembled, torn down and reassembled. The smooth and even surface of this special kind of plywood makes it ideal for concrete forms. Most importantly, such plywood has insulation properties that lead to consistent drying times for concrete. All of these things make MDO stand out as the perfect material for concrete forms.

Exterior siding material

Are you looking for a material that is strong but keeps an aesthetic value for exterior siding material? This is where MDO has an advantage over many other materials. It is easy to maintain as well as aesthetically pleasing. The surface can withstand many kinds of exterior paints. You can even use it without paint in places that are not highly visible. Such plywood offers excellent temperature control to buildings and homes due to its insulating properties. In addition to exterior siding material, there are many other exterior applications such as garage door panels, fences and chimney enclosures.

Interior applications

A professional plywood supplier can provide you the high-quality material for interior use. Whether you need material for countertops or structural panels, MDO is an ideal choice. Other interior applications include cabinet jambs, shelves, storage racks, bins, and molding. MDO presents smooth and even surfaces when painted. These surfaces are easy to keep clean, which makes them very useful for woodworking projects as well.

Difference between MDO and MDF

Many people confuse medium-density overlay with medium-density fiberboard. But these two are not the same kinds of plywood despite the similarities. Below you will find the differences among these materials.

Durability and strength

When compared with MDF, medium-density overlay (MDO) plywood is much stronger. It is widely used for structures that need to hold heavy shelves or floorboards. For that reason, many contractors use MDO for such applications.

Weather resistance

There is a water-proof resin layer which makes MDO weather resistant. Moreover, it can better handle friction as compared to MDF and other types of plywood. There is one major factor that distinguishes MDO from MDF. When a medium-density fiberboard absorbs water, it tends to swell and create a risk for mold. On the other hand, MDO gets back to original dimensions quickly, and this prevents it from wood-related issues. 


When it comes to exterior use, MDO is the best choice as discussed in the above section. In addition to outdoor applications, this kind of plywood is commonly used for interior projects as well where there is a risk of moisture exposure such as cabinets and floors. MDF can be used for many projects but the fact how it absorbs moisture and swells make it suitable for interior use only where it will not get wet. This is one of the major differences between the medium-density overlay and medium-density fiberboard.


Many homeowners consider this important factor when buying material for their construction projects. You can buy MDO from a direct plywood supplier to cut down hidden costs. It is available at an affordable price as compared to MDF and many other kinds of plywood. The product is highly durable which will last longer than MDF. So the price is a vital factor that makes MDO better than many other materials.

Reasons to buy MDO Plywood and why Plywood Logistics is the best seller

Investing in high-quality MDO plywood is really worth investing. Due to its durability and strength, it will last for many years to come.

Smooth and even surfaces

The manufacturing process of MDO gives it smooth and even surfaces that can be painted for exterior use. Such surfaces make it an ideal material for applications where aesthetic value needs to be maintained. At Plywood Logistics, we only deliver the highest quality of medium-density overlay with durable surfaces.

Suitable for exterior and interior use

This kind of plywood is a perfect choice for outdoor and indoor projects due to the strength and weather-resistant properties. The dimensional stability makes it suitable for applications with exposure to moisture. We are partnered with the top-ranked local manufacturers to provide our customers with only premium quality products.

Affordable prices

All of our products come directly from the long-serving manufacturers. When you buy a product from Plywood Logistics, you can rest assured about the better prices than what you will find on other platforms. This is what makes us stand out in the market as the best direct plywood suppliers.


Medium-density overlay plywood is a perfect material that can be used for a range of construction applications. It has better strength, durability and is water-resistant as compared to MDF and many other kinds of plywood. Such a product is commonly used for outdoor signs, concrete forms, cabinet making, and many other applications. 

I feel always obliged to recommend people the right thing, and I can quickly and unquestionably vouch for Plywood Logistics, the leading plywood supplier in the US. If you are interested in ordering MDO, go to plywoodlogistics.com!

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