The Advantages of Underfloor Heating

Under-floor heating is a massive modern phenomenon, most homes seem to have it installed these days and we predict that in 50 years, all new builds will have it! With the modern age moving toward clean spaces, many of us are preferring its neatness to bulky and unsightly radiators. Although you might think it’s super modern, the concept was actually invented in the Roman times. Here’s some of its advantages if you’re not sure whether to splash out or not…

Energy Efficiency

Generally speaking, under-floor heating requires far less energy to tun on than radiators. This is due to the fact that is only needs to run on a temperature of 29 degrees Celsius of less to warm the room up, consequently consuming less energy which then means lower bills for you! Even though it is expensive to install, you might find that it will end up paying for itself in the long run! What’s better than saving money on your bills?

Ease to run

Once it is installed, under-floor heating needs little to no maintenance to keep it working properly. The warmup controls will ensure that it runs in the most profitable way possible and you can decide when your heating comes on and off, so you won’t be wasting your money when your home doesn’t require it.

Compatible with most flooring types

Although there are some options that are not compatible with under-floor heating such as solid wood, most homes will have flooring that works with it. But be careful if you’re looking to install it into your home for the first time or taking on a renovation project, don’t set your heart on a flooring type to then find out it doesn’t work. Do the research first to avoid disappointment. Engineered wood is a fantastic alternative to solid wood if you enjoy the posh look and laminate and luxury vinyl tiles also work with it.

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