Sharing His Vision For The Trading Industry, Hariprasad K Is An Investor With A Vast Experience And Great Skills

Leading a reputed firm Live Long Wealth, Hariprasad K is an investor who believes that trading is an art more than just a profession. A career that one can build with skills and strength, Hariprasad K thinks that certainly, it is the magic of investing in the stock market that keeps one going. Over a career of several years, he has gained a momentum of experience and skills that have helped him to come so far. However, the backbone of his success is his perception of the industry and the way he sees his profession. Having started at a young age, Hariprasad K always felt that trading opens the doors of financial freedom for an individual, and from then on, one gains the independence to earn one’s own money. In light of this financial independence that one gains after learning the skills of trading, he has come to believe that everyone must learn the art of trading and develop a constant source of income. When asked about why he feels this way, Hariprasad K reports that India is a developing country with plentiful scope for investment. A growing economy is young and energetic in dealing with its stock market and that is the reason why the youth of this country must be well-versed with the stock market and the skills of trading. 

Instead of following the masses, one can invest his/ her time and energy in learning the basics of the profession and thereby be able to invest in the stock market. Financial freedom, as he says, is more than a concept. It’s a feeling that upholds one’s dignity and happiness. With so much unemployment flourishing in the country, it is an impeccable solution to decrease the rate of unemployment. More than that, it gives a source of constant income to the investors who go by the rules and play smart. Though it is not a child’s play, it is still a ray of sunshine for those seeking a source of income. However, it should be kept in mind that due to the absence of financial literacy among the masses, trading becomes a difficult subject to understand. Perhaps it is his vision that throws light on the ways his firm Hariprasad K is helping people to study the art of trading and practice it with confidence. 

Some of these ways are discussed in this segment. Firstly, he feels that analyzing the market and past records will help his students to understand the intensity of this profession and the whereabouts as well. Secondly, adopting the backtestingtechnique will push them towards rechecking their data and assist them in handling the stocks well. Thirdly, analyzing individual stocks and the rate of earning profits will further strengthen the understanding and make his students fully prepared for the field. With a remarkable vision fostering in his mind, he surely works towards his goals and will continue to do so in the long run. 

Connect with Hariprasad on Instagram- @livelong_hari


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