Jason Oppenheim – The Pandemic’s Biggest Success Story?

The Oppenheim Group is notorious for unmatched prosperity; the group boasts over one billion in total sales, over 300 million in active listings, and 220 transactions in less than five years. They have received many accolades over the past year, including “Best Real Estate Agency Website – the USA” by The USA Property Awards. Additionally, they received “Best Overall,” “Best Mobile,” and “Best Design,” all by Real Trends. The Oppenheim Group was even named 2020’s Centauri Winner by Vega Awards.  There is no question why The Oppenheim Group holds the reputation of being the elite destination for luxury real estate.

The Oppenheim Group is not the only entity ranked as an elite name of real estate. Jason Oppenheim, of the Oppenheim Twins, is consistently turned to as the leading name in real estate, not just in California but in the USA too. In 2020, The International Property Awards recognized Oppenheim as the “Best Real Estate Agent in the United States.” Additionally, The USA Property Awards identified Oppenheim as both the best real estate agent in California and America.

Though it was not only official award platforms singing Oppenheim’s praises during one of the most trying years of recent history, publications globally applauded Oppenheim in 2020. Oppenheim was ranked the number one real estate agent in the Hollywood Hills and West Hollywood area by the Wall Street Journal, as well as the “Number One Agent-Owned Brokerage by Individual Sales Volume in Los Angeles.” Variety crowned Oppenheim as a “Showbiz Real Estate Elite” for his fifth year, consecutively. The Real Deal hailed Oppenheim as the “Top Agent” in Los Angeles, while The Hollywood Reporter honored him as their Top Real Estate Agent in Los Angeles on their 2020 annual list.

With countless accomplishments and accolades under his belt during a year of tribulation, one has to wonder how Jason Oppenheim and The Oppenheim Group have remained such powerhouses of the industry.  Of course, the majority of their successes are attributable to the prowess Oppenheim possesses as a broker and agent.

Though, “master of adaptability” may also be one attribute contributing to Oppenheim’s continued achievement as a top name in the real estate industry. The Oppenheim Group faced its fair share of challenges brought about by the pandemic that dominated 2020.  In a recent interview with Fox Business, Oppenheim opened up about roadblocks the pandemic had presented for his business.

He gives the example of The Oppenheim Group’s inability to do open houses on the scale they previously could; he explains that this created a difficulty how they would typically “introduce properties to the marketplace.” Oppenheim elaborates that open houses are an ideal way for people to see many properties while also being ideal for The Oppenheim Group agents to identify potential buyers, sellers, and clients for the group. Being unable to operate as they traditionally would, both The Oppenheim Group and Jason Oppenheim had to engineer inventive strategies in order to overcome the new restrictions on operations.

Being able to adapt to constantly changing situations seems to be another example of mastery in what appears to be an ever-growing list for Jason Oppenheim. Shifting marketing strategies, creating more private showings and events, and even re-inventing how his agents attend showings by sellers, Oppenheim has shown creative genius in the face of tremendous challenges.

As the year wrapped up, Oppenheim remained as confident as ever, reporting to Bloomberg Wealth, “People have zero apprehension about buying into this market.” Affirming also to Fox Business, “If anything, there’s a lot of room for the market to grow because you’ve got low-interest rates and you’ve got what I expect to be a very healthy, stimulated economy over the next few years.”

Confidence, ingenuity, adaptability; it is no wonder why Jason Oppenheim is the leader of his industry.

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