Igor Casapu Has Social Media Buzzing- Literally

Bee advocates everywhere now have the opportunity to stay up to date on all bee-related news thanks to BeeRole, an organization that supports endangered bee populations.

Founded by Igor Casapu, a man passionate about protecting bees from current environmental threats, BeeRole acts as a global, virtual hive where beekeepers, honey lovers, and bumble bee enthusiasts can remain interconnected on important issues concerning bees.  This hive mentality fosters a supportive online environment where those who care about sustaining the beekeeping and honey industries can collaborate to create change.

The ecological threats against bee populations are a global issue.  Over the past couple of decades, bee colonies have been disappearing at significantly high rates in regions around the world. 

The endangerment of bees poses an issue for consumers given that bees play a large role in the pollination process.  Without bees, there would be no fertilization of plants producing important vegetables, fruits, and seeds.  Food supply chains would be disrupted globally as a result of this interference in the balance of the Earth’s ecosystem.

This potential ecological crisis allocates a lot of responsibility towards beekeepers- and they certainly have it difficult now more than ever.  Casapu has the solution towards easing the issues that beekeepers face as well as maintaining the beekeeping industry.

The social media marketplace web platform provides a space for beekeepers to interact with fellow mentors, ultimately improving beekeeping practices around the world.  Selling and buying honey and other bee related products is now made easier and more convenient for both parties. 

The stresses that beekeepers face related to selling their honey products are eliminated with BeeRole.  Beekeepers can post and promote their products from this convenient fair trade market platform, and their honey is exposed to a much larger market, thanks to the hive community established by Casapu. Consumers also have the opportunity to taste ethically produced honey from around the world! 

BeeRole features honey products that include lesser known strains of honey aromas that were produced in various countries.  Thanks to the social aspect of BeeRole, consumers can follow the stories of beekeepers they purchase from and keep up with relevant news regarding the beekeeping industry.

BeeRole not only provides consumers with important information regarding the environmental and social issues affecting the bee and honey industry, but it also offers the opportunity for people to make a difference.

Those interested in saving the bees can donate as little as one dollar to help the organization reach their goal of building hundreds of thousands of homes to protect bee families worldwide.  Anyone can help contribute towards maintaining the natural equilibrium needed for honey bees to continue pollinating crops that play a vital role in feeding the world.

Casapu understands the important role that everyone has in sustaining the endangered bee species.  More efforts need to be taken worldwide to protect bee populations, and BeeRole is on track with getting more people involved in preserving the beekeeping and honey industry.

For more information, please feel free to watch this video, or take a look at their website.

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