Gameovermusic NYC Next Biggest Star

Gameovermusic NYC Next Biggest Star

G.ame O.ver and Uncle Murda want all the smoke! Produced by SpeedyBabyy, the track “Real Shyt” brings that street energy speaking on honestly, only real sh*t! G.O is the full embodiment of Hip Hop itself, he effortlessly incorporates elements of an MC, DJ, graffiti artist, & break dancer all in one. With talks about friends hating and a direct jab at Tekashi 69, Uncle Murda delivers as usual making sure its known— Murda aint playing when it comes to affiliations and that he says, she says, PERIOD

Dropping his debut project in 2016 “Chess Not Checkers” G.O was inspired as he was able to gain traction and support from fans locally to as far as South Africa and Germany. With his single “Real Shyt”, G.ame O.ver along with the street legend himself, Uncle Murda, comes with a BOOM, letting the world know real hip hop is still alive and present. In this day in age where it’s more about clout chasing, G.O rather stick to the basics and give fans hard beats, raw flows and an all around sound of the inner city through his melodies. Check out “Real Shyt” G.ame O.ver feat. Uncle Murda.

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