Youngest Millionaire From India: The Best Digital Marketing Expert- Divyam Agarwal

Youngest Millionaire From India: The Best Digital Marketing Expert- Divyam Agarwal

Have you ever heard of people making loads of profit just in the first month of staring their business? These moments are very rare and today we are discussing about one such teenager who has achieved the unachievable. Divyam Agarwal crossed the million mark turnover in just a month of beginning with his work, which is SWAGGER DEEVS. Most of the time he is a Digital Marketing Expert, but apart from this he also performs a lot of tasks which makes a company better and increased brand value. Agarwal practices over YouTube Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, content creation, Political Campaigns, and so on. Surprisingly, he has worked along with pretty important politicians, singers, influencers and even social workers. The diversity in the type of work he does gives him an opportunity to enhance his skills and keep learning. There is no end to learning things, be it simple education or Business enterprise. This is why Divyam has a unique plan.

He wishes to establish a place where students from different backgrounds can come together and make use of the online platform to learn things easily and efficiently. Divyam is currently working on this project, which will soon come into view. The basic aim is to make an informative education medium which, though virtual, is useful. Let’s be honest, online classes and lectures and pretty boring and does the students no justice. Divyam wants to make learning things fun. After this proves to be successful, he has chalked out the digital college idea too which will come into effect after successfully creating the virtual leaning medium. More than him, it is to benefit the youngsters who wish to follow his path and become someone like him. There are endless possibilities!

SWAGGER DEEVS has proven to be very successful for Divyam, and in 2020 it gave him a turnover of more than 2 million! He manages his various companies, projects, multinational work in a balanced way since apart from work he continues to live the life of a booming teen, with a tad bit interest in the digital world. His Entrepreneurship skills are outstanding, he always has just the right answer to every question, solution to every problem- be it big or small. His techniques, advertising campaign ideas, are beyond the comprehension of a normal teen. This was obviously not easy, however he had to do it, Agarwal has always been determined to see a day where he is well known not just in India but also globally.

Divyam Agarwal has a better understanding to the common as well as specialised problems that an enterprise might face, having the proper response to that has led him to building up an entire empire. Now he works diligently, without missing a beat, so that he could grow more. Cyber bullying and fradulent cases aren’t uncommon to him, he takes great care in working with such cases as this is also the work of a kind person rather than just a digital marketer.

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