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However, we begin to shape our child’s relationship to any habits, and therefore also to drugs, mostly unknowingly, from his early childhood.

Prevention is the key

Above all, the family and parents is a role model for the child, both for better and for worse. If our offspring gets used to not being able to do without TV and beer in the evening, they will probably start imitating it as well. Similarly, taking medication for every headache is not a good example. The child will accept these patterns of behavior as normal, as he will not know other strategies. On the contrary, if they notice that their father refused a glass at the party because he drives a car or has no taste for alcohol, it is a good example for them of independence and the ability to say “no” later.

Recognize the problem in time

One of the most important tasks of parents is to recognize the threat of drugs in their child in time. It often manifests itself at the beginning with the following warning signals:

  • Low self-confidence,
  • Loss of joy from various activities that used to bring fun to the child,
  • Isolation and loneliness – breaking ties with the environment and not establishing new ones,
  • Overeating – even so, loneliness can manifest itself,
  • Failure to manage normal daily activities,
  • Inability to endure criticism.

When a child takes drugs

Don’t stop loving your child, but rather offer help, don’t force it.

  • Keep calm. It’s hard, but it pays to keep emotions in check. What is said or done in affect can make the situation even worse.
  • Speak. It is essential for parents to realize that they are not alone in the problem. It is not recommended to try to hide everything (perhaps with regard to the reputation of the family). It is necessary to talk about the situation – with the child, friends, and teachers.
  • With feeling. The conversation should take place in an atmosphere of understanding. The child should not feel that his or her parents are forbidding him or her. They should understand that they are worried about them. Kindness and consistency are not excluded; on the contrary, they must complement each other.

Seek help. It is best to solve the problem of addiction as soon as possible with a Drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, but the child should come to him voluntarily.

Don’t distort reality

But let’s be realistic. Experiences with drug use are becoming more common among children, nowadays it is very likely that your child has already encountered drugs or will encounter them in the future.

In this case, the child should be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. It is not good to pretend and claim that drugs are just bad and, above all, have unpleasant effects. Every smarter child can then ask why there are addicts and how these people actually take drugs. The message that drugs are bad should, of course, be what the child takes away first and foremost.

The child should know that while drugs can offer interesting and unusual experiences, seemingly break the stereotype of everyday life and give the person who experiments with them a feeling of something special, but it is always paid for many times over. In a drug rehabilitation centre in Mumbai, the addicted person is handled by care which affects his emotions and increases his self esteem.

In addition, if a child is found to be intimidated by his or her parents or educators and finds out after a drug experiment that their rumors are far from the truth and that the drugs are actually pleasant, he or she will tend to distrust other warnings and precautions.

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