‘Newhart’: Sweater Champion

Recently, I picked up the fourth season of Newhart on DVD. Why the fourth season? Well, I had seen some episodes as a kid so I knew the show, and I had also heard that the show took a couple seasons to get going. The internet seemed to indicate the fourth season was the best, and so I bought it. I do not regret it. Newhart is really good. The joke writing is strong and the characters are a delight. Larry, Darryl, and Darryl are funnier than I remembered, or expected. However, the reason I am writing about this show right now is because I think it might be the best sweater show there is.

By “best sweater show” I do of course mean that the collection of sweaters on Newhart are better and more impressive than any other show. I’ve actually pondered putting together a bracket about this for March. Newhart would definitely have to be a one seed if I did. Part of it is the fact the show is set at an inn in Vermont. That means it’s justified to wear sweaters for much of the ear. Dick Loudon’s (Bob Newhart) wide Joann is seemingly in a sweater every day. Dick dons sweater pretty often as well, typically favoring a cardigan. Stephanie is a sweater aficionado as well. Other characters will pop them on occasionally, save for perhaps George and Larry and his two brothers.

The Natty Newhart — Bob Hartley in… CARDIGAN AGAIN Another 10 cardigan...

Now, I’m not saying all the sweaters are good, or anything I would wear. Stephanie, in particular, wears some massively big and boxy sweaters. She’s supposed to be a vain, pretentious woman, but she’s swimming in those sweaters! Still, in terms of sheer quantity, Newhart is the top show for sweaters, and there are some good – and memorable – looks as well.

What other shows would be up for this award? Cheers perhaps, mostly due to Ted and maybe a bit of Diane. We’d probably have to disqualify The Cosby Show for obvious reasons. 3rd Rock from the Sun is mostly carried by Harry, but man he has some great sweaters. In the end, though, when I think sweaters on TV, from now on I am repping Newhart as the best of the bunch.

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