Life is not easy. It is a bumpy ride with unexpected twists and turns. No one in this world has ever uttered the words, ‘life is simple.’ Even though of different magnitudes, every individual has to live through adversities. While some people struggle with finances, others have to deal with family issues. The difficulties and challenges that individuals have to face are looked upon as hurdles that prevent them from achieving their goals. The instant an individual comes face-to-face with adversity which requires them to struggle to find a way out, they give up and lose their motivation. This is a common behavior observed among people.

In reality, things are a bit different. Contrary to popular belief, these adversities are not hurdles yet stepping stones that help people close to their goals. These moments teach them powerful life lessons that prevent them from making mistakes and make them more cautious about every step they take. To succeed in life, one needs to look at the challenges in life as opportunities. Instead of running away from them, they need to find a solution as it would lead them towards their destination.

People need to understand that life always finds a way. Even though it works in mysterious ways, it does bring one where they are destined to be. T.M.R.P.K Tennakoon, an IT Specialist in National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), is living a life that is a perfect example for the world. Why is he in the spotlight? Tennakoon grew up in a small town in Sri Lanka and was deprived of even the basic things in life. He lived independently, and his brother, Indrajith Tennakoon, and best friend, Sujan, were his only support.

Growing up in an under-developed city such as Kurunegala, Tennakoon did not have many chances to succeed. The probability of him landing at such an esteemed organization of the world like NASA was extremely low. Exposure to risks of alcoholism and drug addiction was common for the young minds in his hometown. Even Tennakoon was at risk of falling prey to these habits.

Fortunately, Tennakoon used his surroundings as a motivation. He was determined to find a way out of this dark tunnel. He knew the only way he could overcome his circumstances was through education. It was his only chance of building a life which he could not spend. He completed his A/L in English medium with straight A’s. During high school, he also received two presidential medals in school. After graduating, he entered Dharmaraja College – Kandy. While he was completing and acing his education, he also actively played cricket, a sport that he deeply admired. He started playing this sport when he was just a kid on a pitch made on the paddy fields. There were no facilities that aided his passion for cricket. It did not stop the young boy from pursuing what he loved.

Graduating from college, Tennakoon got a scholarship at Cambridge University. He was now living a life that many dream of living but do not get the chance to live. Just like high school, Tennakoon kept his spirits high. Even though he acquired admission in one of the world’s most esteemed educational institutes, he did not become complacent. While giving time to education, he did not stop playing cricket. He maintained a perfect balance and did not give up on his dream to succeed or his passion for cricket.

Little did Tennakoon know about the life that awaited? Acquiring education from Cambridge University opened doors to life-changing opportunities for him. Tennakoon got hired to work as an IT Specialist in NASA. He grew up in an environment that could hinder one’s ability to succeed in life and take away the opportunities to grow. He did not let any of this get in the way and kept working until he turned his life around.

Not only is Tennakoon working a dream job but also pursuing his passion for cricket. He plays as a county-level cricketer in the United Kingdom. Tennakoon’s journey is the perfect example of how life always finds a way, given that one does not fall short on the determination of perseverance.

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