Kimmora Marose official image in 2021

Latest Interview With A Model & Entrepreneur Kimmora Marose

Hi, Miss Kimmora. How Are You?

I’m fine blessed can’t complain 

You Are A Model And You Are Too Good At It. Also You Are An Entrepreneur And A Rehab Technician. How Do You Manage All These?

Well I’m Rehab Technician during the day and I focus on my business after I get off . I sometimes even have clientele when I’m at work . My modeling I usually network after hours and work on bookings on weekends so I manage to handle it well. 

What Made You Step Into The Fashion Industry?

Well I actually was at a friends photoshoot and was asked did I model. I took a few pictures and I was told to come back

If I was really into it which I wasn’t at the time . I wanted to be a lawyer . Years went by and in 2012 I did a shoot for My home town Trenton Nj for Page 6 from that day I just had consistency of heavy grind 

Magazines features back to back and so on . 

You Are An Inspiration For Young Ladies. Any Advice That You Would Like To Give Them?

My advice really is simple Never Give up Go all In and not every opportunity is a good opportunity if that door closes it’s for a reason . But never stop chasing your dreams because it may be all worth it in the long run . Dedication and consistency 

What Is Your Upcoming Project As A Model?

My upcoming projects right now are magazine features I was just featured in Medium , Honk, 

Ny Weekly , Stardom 101 Magazine , and 4 sho magazine. All online and one printed publications. 

My main goal is to win and network branch out brand myself let people know who is Kimmora.

How People Can Connect With You On Social Media?

Instagram: @iheardshewasamodel

Twitter: @bougieAssmodel

Tik Tok : @iheardshewasamodel 

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