How to Get Your W-2 Online for Free

You might know of the W-2 form as this is the official income statement that is sent to IRS by your employer. The W-2 form is used to file your state and federal income taxes, you might also use it to prove your income to a lender or other reasons in the coming year.

Your W-2 form is sent to you by your employer by the 1st of February each year, which later helps you in filing your taxes. But there may be cases when the form may not be sent to you by February 1st. But do not worry! You can get your W-2 online for free.

In case you are late on filing your tax, you might get a 5 percent penalty. In case of being late, people often get nervous and ask whether they can get their W-2 form online or not. And then the procedure starts where they try to get each of their documents in order and try to get refunds.

The method of obtaining W-2 online is really easy. And you can get them for sooner than waiting for the mail to send them.

Asking IRS for the W-2 form

Social Security Administration (SSA) receives your W-2 form where they process your documents for tax filing and related processes. And after they are done with the paperwork, they send your W-2 form to IRS. You may be able to get your W2 online for free from IRS if you properly fill out the papers and send them your requests. Remember! The free copy of the W-2 form of the current year can be received after July from the IRS.

You can also get your W-2 forms from the previous years but this only applies to people who also send their federal income tax reports in their W-2 and fill out the form accordingly. If you send your W-2 form with it, you can also fill your form to get a summarized tax report from the IRS, it may include some information from your W-2 form.

Asking for the W-2 form through SSA

The Social Security Administration can provide you your W-2 form for the current year for free if you need it for SSA-related issues and queries. The issues that you can use to get your W-2 form for free are:

  • If you want to file your current year tax report
  • Confirm your residency
  • Creating Workers compensation income relating to an incident
  • For the pension fund

 If you are trying to get your W-2 form based on the above-mentioned criteria and other related claims then you can get your W-w form for free. But other than that, if you want to it for non-security purposes then you may be charged $86 on receiving your W-2 form.

If you want to know an easier way to get your W-2 form, then you may want to ask your employer. Some offer web portals where they offer free access to the W-2 form. And here you have the freedom to access it whenever you want, totally free. Some employers may also mail out a copy of the W-2 form during January.

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