Features to Check When Buying Glass Hand Pipes

For people who have been in the cannabis scene for years, finding and buying the right pipe comes easy. But for novices and beginners, it can be hard to understand the differences between pipes when they are faced with a dozen options.

Glass is an integral part of the experience and is also one of the best materials to smoke. Just like the materials, bongs now serve multifunctional purposes as well. Other than smoking, they now come in elegant designs with hand-selected flowers, like My Bud Vase, making it a gorgeous display piece for your home.

If you plan to buy a glass hand pipe, here are some of the features you should check while choosing a piece.

Suitability for Outdoors

There is no guarantee that a hand pipe that suits your friend will be the right one for you as well. What works for one is not always ideal for another. So while buying glass hand pipes, you should first think about how you will use them in your daily life.

If you plan to use the glass hand pipe mainly during outdoor adventures, thick glass pieces are ideal for you. Such glass blunts are perfect for those who use it on the go, as it helps keep the material lit and has a wind-resistant feature.

Indoor Usage And Style

If you are only going to be using the glass hand pipe in the privacy of your home, then steamrollers or bubblers are the right choices. If you are going all out on fashion and style, you can even go for an eye-catching piece like Gandalf, Sherlock Holmes or My Bud Vase model.

Your smoking style plays an important part when it comes to choosing the type of bowl. If you are a first-time smoker, especially using glass hand pipes, then a 3″ to 5″ basic spoon bowl is the right size to start with.

Compared to all other materials, glass smoking pipes gives you the best-sized hit. Nowadays, glass hand pipes come in different designs and models. Browse the designs and buy the one which appeals the most to you. Also, buy from reputed sellers to avoid defective pieces.

The thickness of the Glass

The most seasoned, experienced, and careful smoker can also drop their hand pipes and bowls accidentally from time to time. A thin piece can shatter easily at the first drop and crack compared to the thick ones.

A high-quality glass hand pipe should have a considerable amount of weight to it. When looking at it and holding it, you should feel that it will hold up for a long time, even when used daily.

On average, the thickness of the glass hand pipes ranges from 1mm to 9mm. It is better to find a piece that is closer to 9mm in thickness. Though many high-quality smoking pipes are thinner and in the range of 5mm to 6mm, it is better to stick to 9mm if you cannot find the differences in quality.

Quality of the Glass

The next important feature you must check is the quality of the glass. Look only for hand pipes made of high-quality glass. Generally, quartz and borosilicate glass are the highest quality options available in the market.

In addition to the glass’s quality, the blower’s skill can also make a difference to the piece. If you are shopping for hand-blown glass pipes, then coming across a few imperfections in pieces is normal. But if there are too many, then the pipe may not be of high-quality and will not serve for the long run.

Check the pipe for bubbles and scratches. It is okay if you notice them in small quantities, but the pipe can break easily within a short time of usage if there are too many.

Consider the Design

The aesthetics of the glass hand pipe does matter. Every pipe is unique, and they come in different designs, colors, shapes, and styles. The designs include color-changing glasses, swirls, other forms of unique artistry, and more.

There are also blunts that look minimalistic. For example, designs like My Bud Vase, though highly aesthetic, offer very good functionality too. Choose the design and color which suits you, as hand pipes serve as a loyal companion to many of you out there.

If you love to experience smoking with full flavor, glass hand pipes are the right choice for you. While buying, make sure that the source is a reputable and trusted one to get a glass pipe that you can keep for life.

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