Cereal Mascots Need Nemeses

Maybe it’s because I’m an adult and I don’t see as much mascot-related cereal ads. Or maybe my perception will proof correct. All I know is that I do not recall the last time I saw a cereal mascot with an antagonist. There should be more antagonists in cereal ads. I’m talking true villains, relatively speaking. Fred and Barney Rubble would quibble, but neither of them is the antagonist. The Trix Rabbit wants Trix, but they are for kids. He’s maybe an antihero, but he’s the mascot for Trix. Nobody else. The same goes for Lucky the Leprechaun.

Cap’n Crunch has had multiple villains over the years. There was the dastardly pirate Jean LaFoote, and then also the Soggies. This is what I mean. When you watch an ad for cereal, or I guess I could extend it to any foodstuff, and you see a mascot, they should be dealing with an antagonist of some sort. Now, I hope the mascot wins. Score one for the good guys and sell me some cereal. Alas, I don’t remember the last time I have seen a baddie in a food ad. Hell, when was the last time I saw such a recurring character in any ad?

So please, cereal advertisers, let me enjoy some villains. Granted, I feel like I only ever see ads for Honey Nut Cheerios. Maybe I just want somebody to mess with that bee? Other than Stanley from The Office, that is.

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