Importance of Regular Dental Care

Since childhood we have been told to take care of our teeth. Some of the routines tied to oral care are ingrained in our daily lives until we don’t give them much thought. However, it’s important to look at the reasons why we need to follow through with regular dental care.

Healthy teeth

Regular dental care is one of the ways to achieve and maintain healthy teeth. Teeth are vulnerable to damage from harsh fluids and bacteria. The enamel easily wears out when exposed to harmful chemical compounds. Moreover, bacteria harboured on food debris attack the enamel and compromise the integrity of teeth. Regular dental care ensures damage is stopped and reversed. Brushing your teeth regularly clears out food debris and harmful compounds. Furthermore, use of mouthwash and dental floss is effective in cleaning the oral cavity. When damage is irreversible, several interventions are available. Dentists often repair tooth decay with dental fillings and crowns. Root canal and tooth extraction are also possible options when the extent of damage is severe. All these interventions are undertaken to maintain the health of your teeth

Healthy gums

When discussing dental care, focus is often on the teeth. However, gums are central to the overall health of your oral cavity. Regular dental care ensures your gums are safe from damage. Chemicals in toothpastes and mouthwash protect the gums and kill harmful bacteria. When good oral care is not provided, gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) may develop. In severe cases the gums are weakened to an extent they cannot support teeth. Consequently, teeth easily fall off. Moreover, infections can spread to the jaw and cause serious complications. Good dental care keeps you from going through all these complications.

Maintenance of function.

The mouth serves several functions that are important for a normal life. We chew food and drink fluids without taking into account how difficult these functions would be if our dental care was compromised. Tooth decay and gingivitis result in heightened sensitivity and pain. Consequently, simple acts like drinking cold water and eating food suddenly become difficult and a loss of appetite quickly follows. The pain of a damaged tooth can give you sleepless nights and make you dislike food. Your speech may also be impaired if the decay is extensive and severely painful. Regular dental care allows you to enjoy simple pleasures like a good meal, a hot cup of coffee or a cold drink. Your teeth maintain their functionality and your gums are protected.

A good smile

If you are looking for the perfect smile there is no shortcut, you must follow through with regular dental care. A smile is central to facial aesthetics and creates a lasting impression.  Your dentition determines the aesthetic appeal of your smile. From the colour of your teeth to the arrangement, there is a lot that creates a beautiful smile. Regular dental care ensures your enamel is clean and white, the recipe for a great smile. Moreover, your gums retain their appeal. Where irreversible damage has occurred, dental interventions like insertion of onlays, crowns and implants can restore beauty. Therefore, if you wish to maintain or enhance your smile, practise good dental care.

All the benefits you enjoy from regular dental care contribute to your general well-being. A good smile gives you confidence and improves your interactions. Healthy teeth and gums allow you to enjoy food, drinks and live free of pain. All these benefits are part of a healthy life. From simple acts like brushing your teeth regularly, visiting the dentist and eating the right food, you can live a full life without fear of pain or embarrassment. Regular dental care makes life better, therefore, don’t compromise.

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