Hong Kong’s Current Legislation on CBD (Cannabidiol)

I believe that Hong Kong is the first city in Asia to discuss the decriminalization of cannabis with a certain percentage of THC in it. In 1994, two judges have stated that the decriminalization of cannabis is a better way for society.

The minutes of the 1994 Legislative Council (now known as the Legislative Council of Hong Kong) even mentioned the decriminalization of marijuana. Mrs. Selina CHOW delivered a speech: “The trend of illegal import of marijuana will also have a profound negative impact on young people. This is the reason why the Liberal Party opposed the decriminalization of marijuana earlier.” (Official Record of Legislative Council Meeting Process Wednesday, November 16, 1994). Although it was opposed, it just proved that they had a history discussed.

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CBD proved to be non-addictive

In the 1994 news, it was reported that the decriminalization of marijuana was “to save the police force to deal with other serious crimes”, but the objection at the time was that “after consuming marijuana, one would further use other drugs.”

This is a problem that is often mentioned in the process of marijuana legalization, but it is actually wrong. The reason is that marijuana is illegal, so it makes it easier to come into contact with other “drugs”, but if marijuana is legal, People do not need to find marijuana illegally, and they will not be so easily exposed to other “drugs”. Can you imagine that smoking and drinking will expose you to other drugs? So legal marijuana actually makes it more difficult to get other “drugs.”

(Although I personally think that drug decriminalization is more reasonable, because the safe use of drugs and the guarantee of drug quality are the best anti-drug policies. This is also the main reason why Portugal can decriminalize drugs, and it is also possible to establish heroin rash centers in Europe and the United States the reason.)

Of course, the discussion about cannabis legislation did not start at the end, and it was even more serious. But until October 17, 2019, after Canada fully legalized cannabis, members of the Legislative Council began to care about the regulation of cannabis. Many Hong Kong members have always had close relations with foreign countries., And many of the family members are foreign nationals.

Legislative Council Discussion

The following is the content of the discussion in the Legislative Council. The most circulating question on the Internet is Huang Biyun’s question, but in fact there is another question raised by Chen Keqin.

Of course, their answer is that marijuana is a drug and illegal, but there are a few points worth noting.

Secretary for Security: “As far as I know, foods containing cannabis ingredients that can be sold legally overseas are generally marked as containing cannabis ingredients. For example, they will be labeled with “cannabis” or “THC” ingredients with certain percentage. If the citizen is out of town When you see the food, you should pay close attention to the label. You should not bring the food into Hong Kong because it is illegal. I also hope that the public will report it.”

Are “Hemp” and “THC Free” products or foods legal?

This is the content of the meeting on December 12, 2018. Some of the content is out of date, such as: “Canada legalized recreational cannabis on October 17 this year, but the law prohibits anyone from selling or distributing cannabis to people under the age of 18. , It is also prohibited to bring cannabis into and out of the country. It is still illegal to sell food and beverages containing cannabis in Canada.

But on October 17, 2019, Canada has legalized cannabis foods, topical medicines, and concentrates.

In addition, Huang Biyun: “The Government does not seem clear that contain marijuana compound cannabidiol (i.e., ” cannabidiol “) products, has violated the” Regulations “and” Regulations “also does not seem to set these ingredients is actually dangerous drug containing cannabidiol. Are phenolic pharmaceutical products, foods and beverages brought into Hong Kong against the law? Are products containing only cannabidiol but not THC are illegal? Can the government give a clear answer? Because cannabidiol has analgesic effects.”

“Because cannabidiol has analgesic effect.” This has been included in the government literature.

Finally, the Secretary for Security: “The Ordinance stipulates that THC is a drug, but cannabidiol is not. However, we need to be very careful because no matter how sophisticated the technology for extracting cannabidiol, it may contain a small amount of THC. Cannabidiol. This means that if cannabidiol is extracted from cannabis, although cannabidiol is not a drug prescribed in the Regulations, no matter how sophisticated the extraction technology is, it may also contain a small amount of THC… However, related products Whether it is completely free of THC can only be known through laboratory tests.”

Do you understand the legality of CBD (Cannabidiol) in Hong Kong?

By the way, the Secretary of Security does not seem to understand the national conditions. China is the largest exporter of industrial hemp. How can it not know what CBD is, but China bans it, but it keeps exporting in large quantities.

On December 14, 2018, the Industry Consultation Forum of the Center for Food Safety included the topic “Foods Containing Cannabis or THC”.

The Information Research Group of the Legislative Council Secretariat also provided a report on “the control status of products containing cannabis in selected places”.

In fact, as an important international city for import and export and trade in the world, how could Hong Kong not know hemp? At the same time, Hong Kong has actually hosted cannabis business forums and summits. (Let’s talk if you have a chance)

Finally, what is meant by “containing a small amount of THC”, is 0.1% 0%? Or 0.01% is 0%. This will be an issue the government has to face. However, Hong Kong Government only allows the CBD with zero THC, although the US Government allows 0.3% THC. Hong Kong Government is quite strict about this matter.

PS: sent to the college debate on ” Hong Kong government should legalize recreational marijuana”.

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