Rummy game: Basics

The Rummy game all about matching card. It falls in the category of games where the gameplay is based upon matching cards of the same rank in the same suit. The fundamental goal in any form of the rummy game is basically to build melds which comprise of Sets, three or four of a kind of the same rank; or runs, three or more cards in sequence, of the same suit. If in the game a player by chance discards a card, it will make a run in the discard pile.  After that, it will not be picked up without taking all the cards lying below that one.

There is a Mexican game of Conquian which is considered by games scholar David Parlett to be traditional to all rummy games. This Mexican game is said to be originated from a Chinese game called Khanhoo. The major Rummy principle of drawing and eliminating with a view to melding occurs in Chinese card games. It happened during the time of the early 19th century, and maybe probably as early as the 18th century.

Let’s see some famous things in the game


It depends upon the variation. Each player receives a fixed number of cards Depending upon the variation, each player gets a fixed number of cards from either a regular deck of 52 cards, sometimes more than one deck or it could be a special deck of cards which can be used for specific games.

 Those cards which are un-dealt are placed in a face down the stack in the very middle, that place is called stock. In most of the variations, you will see that a single card is turned face up and placed next to the stock where players are discarding or shedding cards, and this is called the discard pile in points rummy.

In the game 10 Cards Rummy, which is usually played with two, three or four players. In this game, each player gets ten cards. In a indian rummy game  where five players took part in the game, each player was given six cards. In the game of 500 Rummy, each player will be given seven cards. In  Indian Rummy, 13 cards are traded to each player.


Adding or shedding cards from the hands depends upon the variation of the game. Players take turns doing that. There are many ways to do it. Picking a card is done from stock and discarding a card is done at the discarded pile. Sometimes, melds are revealed to all the players by placing them face up. In other variation, each player keeps their hand hidden. Some variation let you pick up the entire discarded pile.

We have seen different types of variation of the Rummy game and how it is played by different players concerning different types of rules. A single game can be played in many different forms and variations. Though the origin is traced to China nothing sure can be said about it. The game played at present is a modified form of the Mexican game conquian.

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