Reasons to give eco friendly gifts

There is no better way to spend the holidays than by choosing for your loved ones the right gift. However, it can be a perfect means of showing how much you do, even as it offers eco-friendly products to friends and relatives.

It is normal to express our love for someone when we offer a gift or celebration of any achievements. The provision of eco-friendly products allows people to mark a big event and ensures that the friends are more environmentally aware. 

In the winter holiday season, EPA is projected to be generating about 25% more waste, amounting to an extra million tons of unsaturated fruit, grocery bags, and containers that are shipped every week to sites of landfills. 

Your family, friends, and the community will thank you for choosing a sustainable donation. We pick some of our items for this post and include fair details as to why you should send your loved ones those gifts.

Coconut Bowls

The shell coconut bowls have been the ideal vessel for smoothies, salads, ramen, and more. Their natural and rustic look has made Instagram influencers especially famous, who want to stand out from the overcrowded food blogging scene! Organic cocoa bowls are fully normal such as those from Jungle Culture. To make them, no additives or any sort of procedure. This is great news, but it means cocoa bowls have to look for some extra love to last longer! The final response is, if you think for your bowl, wash and polish them softly once in a while, it’s a lifetime.

Bamboo Safety Razor Gift Sets

Usable razors leave behind them a hideous waste trail, it is costly and it’s not so healthy! So why doesn’t everyone treat this holiday season to a safety razor donation? Reusable safety razors with a gift box and natural jute travel bag are beautiful, easy-to-use, unisexual. A great environmental gift for an aware person. The natural handle of bamboo attaches an already beautiful piece to a classic touch. In every nearby barbershop or store, blades can be chosen for completing the collection.

Reusable Bamboo Straws

Bamboo Straws has been a great help in the campaign toward sustainability. Plastic straws in England and Europe are banned from April 2020 and, in this respect, now is the best time to pick up a reusable collection of straws that the receivers will not forget, for an environmentally safe storage filler. we supply a variety of natural strokes of bamboo and stainless steel and have made many fantastic gifts for Christmas. This Christmas is a vital zero waste piece.

Coconut Candles

The new candle wax in the store is Coconut Wax and we see an increasingly broad variety of candles. It’s much easier to use, but many think that it’s worth the price tag because of its fantastic scent throw, and even fire.

The soft creamy white color of coconut wax is the green choice. Oil harvesting is an organic process, with cocoa itself a sustainable high-yield crop. The advantages are as follows:

  • Wax Candles of coconut are luxurious and slow-burning.
  • The coconut candles are outstanding in warm and cold scents
  • Coconut wax is the most environmentally conscious

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