Is learning a language possible with Pinterest?

The personal productivity project has churned out hundreds of businesses and continues to do so. The only thing that remains in this market is the quest to clone and attach two more hands on the body and while at it, maybe a second brain as well. While the trend of optimising productivity will not go away any sooner, social media is leveling up to contribute to it. And one of the underdogs of social media-Pinterest- is at the helm of it. Considered by many as a search engine for photos; sort of an organized cousin of Instagram, Pinterest is being used by many to inspire their journey towards picking up a skill (most favourite personal productivity project) exercising and even learning a language. Although we know that Pinterest should not be your primary platform but because of the dynamic content on it, it can easily aid in your journey of mastering a third language. For Haitian Creole though, you can always Learn Haitian Creole Online on website. Here’s a guide on how to utilize Pinterest for your language journey.

  1. Looking for pretty looking verb tables? Be specific in your search.

Pinterest was not designed for learning, but nobody wants to miss out on ‘words to be used instead of ‘very’ in English’. Being specific in the search bar will result in bite sized quality content that you can save and review at your own pace. Detailed infographics, words and their images and finally links to advice heavy, relatable blogs will improve your familiarity with the language in no time.

  1. Follow hair and makeup tutorials in your target language

Why does this work? Because you know most components of a hair and makeup tutorial and it becomes easy to pick those words in the tutorials. If you watch 15-20 of these videos, you are well on the way to making one yourself. Language learning works by familiarizing you with the sounds of words of the objects therefore utilize this strategy as much as you can.

  1. Make Group Boards with your online class buddies

Say for instance, you Learn Haitian Creole Online with Creole Tutors and have made friends with your online classmates, you can make group boards for them to contribute interesting and helpful stuff they find online. This way an individual saves on research and everyone has access to good quantities of great quality material.

  1. Use Pinterest Boards to track your progress

This is especially useful if you are using multiple resources for learning. Using chrome extensions you can convert any material to a pin and track what you have mastered. Several tools like IFTTT can automate the whole process. For example if you upload this language material on Instagram with the same hashtag it can automatically get saved on Pinterest. Pretty neat, no? We think so too.But this is not it. You have to also make it a point to regularly visit these boards and revise the content in order to benefit from them. Collecting pins is only helpful if you actually schedule time to use the pins.

  1. Utilize existing boards to their full

There are so many creators that you don’t actually have to build everything from scratch. You can utilize language learning boards with cultural references, vocabulary builders, grammar concepts, hacks on using tenses etc.

Once your teeth are well sinked into the game, utilizing Pinterest or any other platform for that matter becomes more fun than learning.

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