INTERVIEW: Awaken Talks (And Premieres New Album) Monsters & Machines

Thank you for taking time with us here at Vents Magazine Awaken. How has the creativity been during this period for the band?

Chad Griffin: We took advantage of a rough situation with Covid and all else going on and got together in the studio to write and record the new album. A lot of deep thinking and decision-making went into all of this as far as the direction of the songs, the diversity from track to track, and where to take everything with the new endeavor of joining on with TLG Entertainment/INgrooves. We are very pleased with how it’s all turned out and can’t wait to see what the rough struggles and positive changes from this year will bring. 

How many singles have you released so far from this new album, is it three so far?

Chad Griffin: Yes, we actually just released our 4th with “Graveyards”. 

Where did the album title, Monsters & Machines, come from, and how does it all tie in together?  

The album title came when I just thought what things stand out that we need to overcome in life to get to where we really need to be are. What hit me was so much can be put into the category of Monsters or Machines. Monsters being personal demons we all have to face and machines being technological distractions. The fact that we aren’t made or designed to be robotic. We are living breathing flesh and blood and make mistakes. We all struggle with different things that I feel could fall into those categories and people can relate to. It formed kind of a central theme for the songs and we thought it stood out as a title. 

Talk about the singles on this album. 

Chad Griffin: “Behemoth” was always the first in my mind. It was the in-depth personal song that I felt had a gripping hook and in-your-face music that we thought would be a great first impression for the record. It had some electronic and synth elements we were toying with too that you can kind of hear throughout a lot of the record. “Stained Glass” was the one we wanted to push to be more of a main video single. “The Veil” was a fun one that we thought would have a good rock radio feel to it with a message we felt fitting for the time. “Graveyards” are our latest recorded track and feel it kind of went back to our real style or sound we wanted to show people coming back from “The Veil”. “Graveyards” is one of our fav tracks on the album as a band and felt it was the right one to have rolling as the single with the album release. 

Is there a favorite for each of you?

Chad Griffin: I think each of us may say something different. For me, it changes by the day. Each one of these tracks are our babies. I may be wrong, but the cool thing is I think each member’s favorite would probably be one of the tracks not yet released as a single. I am really drawn to “Dramatic,” “Fall Break Rise,” and “The Desert” I know Chase is really big on “Nameless Machines” Dustin is probably “Dramatic” and “Graveyards” Jimmy is a big fan of “In Your Sky” we – LOL – we all have our certain ones for certain reasons. I think that’s a good thing though. This is not an album where you have a few singles and the rest is just fillers. We put full focus and attention on each track. We really try to make it where there is something for everybody listening. 

What is coming up in support of this album release?

Chad Griffin: Time will tell. We are really hopeful things will clear up soon. We have booked a few things for the summer. Trying to see where all we can get this record to and what places will be available. Hopefully, life will be looking back to normal here soon and more live shows won’t just be a wishful thinking ordeal. 

If you were to describe your music to someone who has never heard it, how would you?

Chad Griffin: Deep melodic hard rock that wants to grab hold of your attention to hear and feel what is being said…

There seem to be some faith-based connections to the lyrics as well, can you talk about that?  

Chad Griffin: Faith is the foundation of where the lyrics derive from. God gave us the gift to do what we do. We can never pay him back for it. We thrive to do what we can for people to hear that faith that drives us through the music we put out. We touch on a lot of things that are relatable and real life. It all stems though from seeing it through the point of view that God is real, Christ did what he did for us, and nothing the world will throw at us will change that perspective. 

Will there be any live shows coming anytime soon for the band?

Chad Griffin: Yes, we have been booking a few. We can let everyone know more about that when they get closer. It’s all kind of hanging in the balance of when things fully open up and get back going. Definitely will see us playing live again by late spring or summer. 

Thank you for taking time out with us today, any words of wisdom you might add?

Chad Griffin: Go download/ stream/ buy or whatever you seem fit to do with Monsters & Machines and I may lose us fans, but Pineapple can and does go on pizza. Love you guys and thanks for sharing this time.



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