Studying Abroad: Expectation vs. Reality

Choosing the right degree in the right university is the most important decision a student has to make. At times finding a good combination of both requires studying far from home. While the concept of studying abroad is extremely fantasized for many reasons, there are some realities you have to keep in mind. 

It is tough getting the paperwork done

The whole process of getting the paperwork and documentation for studying abroad is cumbersome. The good news, however, is students today have easy access to educational consultancies and counsellors who help them with the paperwork. Whether you are applying for a university in Canada or searching for York housing, you will be able to complete the paperwork with the help of a consulting counsellor. 

Passing semesters requires hard work 

Many people have the notion that passing semesters in international degrees is, to some extent, impossible. That is not true. While getting a degree in any university is not a walk in the park, it is not impossible. All you need to ace semesters is to maintain hard work and consistency. There are also many local and foreign individuals and cooperative instructors who will be around to help you when you have a problem. 

Learning a new language takes time

Some students feel that language barriers will slow down their adjustment. While mastering a new language is not easy, as the days pass, you will start to understand every bit of the new language. The essential point to remember is it is a slow process developing an excellent level of fluency. The more you interact with people and ask questions, the quicker you will master the new language. 

You have to balance academic, social, and work-life

Most students expect their days to revolve around assignments and presentations. While this is normally true, it is important that you find a perfect balance between academic and social life. The case is the same if you find a job. Developing a routine based on your class timings will make balancing academic, social, and work-life easier. 

Making new friends takes time

At first, you will focus on your own community, but with time, you will make more friends. Your social network will expand to friends from various nationalities. 

Adjustment Tips for Studying Abroad

  • When needed, ask your peers questions 
  • Have a positive attitude 
  • Use free time to interact with new people
  • Build a routine 
  • Keep reminding yourself the adjustment period will be over soon
  • Remember the positive outcomes of the program
  • Consult reliable dissertation writing services to ease your workload

If you need help with transitioning, the Quad at York is a great place to start. Our duty is to make it straighforward for you to locate York housing and assimilate easily.  

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