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Hi Mustafa, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Taking a rest after an eventful year completing the album. Back to the studio mid-March to start on 2nd album, songs mixing Turkish and Irish folk music and neo-classical cinematic music.

Can you talk to us more about the title track from the new album “Mozaick”?

This is the journey of being a 3rd culture kid and having lived in Europe, US, Far and Mid-East absorbing the music, art and culture. It spans several styles and genres with over 30 instruments. It’s a message that our DNA’s is a mix and we are all Mozaick.

Did any event in particular inspire you to write this song?

There were two themes from my teen years listening to prog rock greats and inspired by Rick Wakeman and Yes. The opening in the long version and the piano riff that opens into a full Latin Rock with Carlos Santana influence. It’s a life journey of breathing and embracing different cultures, music and instruments, and Mozaick personifies the melting pot.

How was the filming process and experience behind the video?

The Director did a storyboard and with one suggestion from me to the choreographer, muse the contemporary dance with the Rumi whirling dervishes. It was filmed in a large warehouse converted to a film studio. Full day, 12 hour shoot with light, photo, effects crew. It was the first music video featuring me and members of the group. Just as well we did not have to act!

Why naming the album after this song in particular?

Mozaick long play is the theme track of the album. Perhaps, it’s also due to each one of the nine songs are a fusion of different genres. Cultures, styles. It is spelt with a twist as the word is similar in a few languages.

How was the recording and writing process?

It was done entirely at our studio – Morpheus Musica in Istanbul, Turkey. The core group was involved at various stages of composition. We did the entire songs using Synths including drums. We then asked the individual instrumentalists to improvise at home and send us ideas. During recording, we did three takes and in the final mix, we selected one. In live performance, the solos might be a different take with the core background remaining the same.

Having lived in so many distinctive places with distinctive cultures – how has this influence your music?

Multi-cultural is as old as our existence. Anthropologists are finding out about our DNA make up, travels, trade and diet. We are mixed in blood, habits, clothing, and diet. Musically, the timbre and tones of various flutes from across cultures are reflective of the music and psyche. The Armenian Duduk for instance has a dark, somber tone, perhaps influence from early Christian choral music. Recently, I was introduced to an Argentinian instrument, Ronroco. Sounds like a Ukulele and distinct. There are ideas floating in my head on how to apply it on existing recording and new material. The experimentation continues.

 How did you go on balancing your Classical roots with your music Prog sensibilities?

Classical can be incorporated in prog but not vice versa. The 70’s prog revolution was hugely influenced by classical and having heard both choral, classical, avant garde and ethnic, there are similarities and divergence. Perhaps, complementing than balancing. It’s refreshing to be in the studio and work on a prog rock track for a few days and then switch to neo classical.  

Where did you find the inspiration for the songs and lyrics?

‘Shrill’ was inspired by a real life story of a school friend who was sexually abused by a close relative and we didn’t know! It was three years ago, that she mentioned to me. Aghast that we were so blind during our teens in not seeing the signs. The words and music was built on the one word, the eerie feeling of the sinful touch, Shrill! ‘Waiting’ is the deliberations of the religious zealots versus the materialists, each one at extreme. Hey, live and let live. Wisdom transcends intellect. There is element of truth in ancient knowledge for the materialists and science for the religious lot.  ‘Nights to Remember’, is about destruction of the earth with our selfish unrelenting greed, consumption and inability to contain ourselves. ‘Tomorrow never comes’ is again about our foot print on environmental destruction and manipulation by Big Data, Stock speculation, Artificial Intelligence and machines analyzing our behavior and devising new strategies for mind control.

What else is happening next in Morpheus Project’s world?

Live concert in June, perhaps a closed door on a large terrace of an old castle. Work on the second album and a pet project of inter-cultural fusion of Irish and Turkish folk music.

Album Released on 19th March

Watch the Stunning Video for Mozaick here:






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