INTERVIEW: Adrian Jose

Adrian Jose, welcome to VENTS! Can you tell us a little more about your EP, Astronomical?

Astronomical, if I’m being honest, is a project that happened by mistake. It all started when I wrote Rocket Ship, and was originally planning on releasing it as just a single. Between finishing school, COVID, and finding a job, I just didn’t have the time I needed to dedicate to a release, so I sat on it. Over time, the other 4 tracks just piled on, and after listening to them all together, I decided they perfectly make up a debut EP.

Your EP explores lockdown-inspired emotions, would you say that living through the pandemic as a keyworker has affected your relationship with music?

It definitely has. Working as a tow truck driver, especially right out of high school, was a huge change of pace. I typically worked 12 hour shifts, where I would be alone in my truck the entire time, especially as due to COVID we weren’t letting people ride with us. Music was my only companion for the most part, and though my time to dedicate towards it was reduced in the beginning, it definitely played a key part in keeping me sane!

Can you tell us a little about your writing process?

I use a couple different styles, all depending on my current mood both that day, and in that point in time. In times where I’m feeling happy and content with myself and my life, I tend to have a creativity boost that let’s me freestyle a lot easier. When I can’t find the right motivation to freestyle, I usually write down different thoughts and struggles I’m feeling throughout the day, and find a way to make poems out of what I write, turning them into songs.

What’s the secret ingredient which made Astronomical so ambient and ethereal?

The secret has as much to do with the lyrics as it does the instrumentals behind it. My long time friend and producer, Yng Shaq, has always had a way of making beats that fit just right with my writing style, and when we work together on projects, my full potential and creativity is able to blossom.

What is it about Big Sean, Logic and Kendrick Lamar which inspires you?

When I was younger, I used to deal with a lot of outside stresses, and I would turn to music as my escape. Artists like Sean, Kendrick, and Logic weren’t afraid to rap about not only the good in their life, but also the deep and dark. I loved the deep lyricism and fast flows, and was always trying to learn every last word to all of their songs. I loved the feeling of rapping the songs so much, I was inspired to start writing myself.

Outside of music and other artists, what influences you?

My family are my biggest inspiration in more ways than one. They listen to my music, and encourage my writing and passion more than anyone else I know, giving me feedback and encouraging words that hit a bit deeper than I think they know. I also make music in hopes to one day be able to support not only myself and future family, but also the family that raised me to be the person I am today.

Would you say that you’re the same artist that you were in 2018 when you made your debut?

Definitely not! Since 2018, I’ve matured mentally a great deal. I went from being a young, dumb kid always looking for trouble and a dollar, to being someone who thinks ahead, plans for the future, and is eager to learn about business. This is definitely reflected in my music, as I’ve finally become comfortable opening up into the deeper, darker sides of myself, most of which I wasn’t ready to explore myself yet, yet alone in my music.

Does your hometown feed into your sound?

I believe it does. I also take inspiration from LA, Atlanta, and Detroit, which leaves my music with a healthy mix of different regional sounds.

Can you tell us a little bit about your upcoming releases?

As of right now, I am working on a release featuring Yng Shaq, as well as another release that I won’t go into until a bit later in the year.

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