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How to Learn to Be Productive

Staying productive and organized is especially hard for those of us who aren’t naturally inclined to do so. For a lot of us who avoid meticulous organization, keeping on top of daily tasks and duties can be a challenge, and so it’s always a good idea to learn easy techniques that make sure you’re staying as productive as possible. Here are just some of the most simple tips that will help you start becoming a far more coordinated person in both your work and home life.

Prioritize planning

Perhaps the most important change you can make is to prioritize planning. Invest in a diary, calendar, or weekly planner that will allow you to schedule all of your to-do’s, set out by days, weeks, months, and beyond. The first step is to make structured lists of all your tasks and stick to the plan as best as you can. Once you start ticking off these lists you’ll realize the happy accomplished feeling you get after is totally addictive.

Find your passion

It’s hard to enjoy any kind of chore in a daily routine, but that’s no excuse to keep putting them off. The burden of procrastination will always catch up with you eventually. That’s why it’s a good idea to balance out pesky chores with the things you enjoy the most. Try and blur the lines of work and play so that some tasks at hand don’t seem so bad. High productivity comes when you’re feeling most motivated and driven to succeed.

Eradicate interruptions

However, productivity can hit a major wall when there’s constant interruptions. Whether it’s the buzzing of a Whatsapp group chat or a background TV distracting you with irresistible food segments, perhaps it’s time you switched off and gave yourself a better chance of focus. Schedule in allocated break slots and let people know you’re going off-grid for a while.

Recharge your batteries

Studies tell us that peak productivity comes when we work for 52 minutes and break for 17 minutes. There’s only so much hard graft we can put in until we lose focus and energy. So recognize when you’re burnt out and take a well-needed rest if you’re lacking the enthusiasm to get things done. Ticking off to-do’s can take time and perseverance, so recharging your batteries with a brisk walk or a quick relaxing sit-down can work wonders.

Take one step at a time

Perhaps the most important tip is to take your time with these changes. It’s virtually impossible to become the most productive person on earth overnight. Take the pressure off your back by rewarding your results and acknowledging when things go well. Track your progress over time and you’ll notice just how far you’ve come.

Fortunately, being an organized and productive person can eventually be learned, but these changes in your attitude and lifestyle are challenges you need to be ready to take on. Set yourself reachable goals and gradually you’ll be achieving far more than you ever thought was possible.

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