Covenant Campaigns in Shadowlands

Covenants are a new part of the game in Shadowlands and one that has injected a bunch of excitement into the gameplay players have been experiencing over the last few expansions. One of the reasons Shadowlands is performing better than Battle For Azeroth and other subsequent expansions is because it’s refreshing. There’s a ton of new stuff that feels ‘very WoW’ while still shattering expectations. Covenant campaigns are a major reason behind the Shadowlands hype.

There are four covenants and four campaigns that go along with them: Kyrian, Necrolords, Night Fae, and Venthyr. There are specific rewards for each covenant, like sigils, transmog, armor sets, weapons, and mounts. You will also get a number of abilities, including active and passive class-specific abilities. Don’t have a World of Warcraft subscription? Consider checking out Gamecamp where you can find the best prices available.

Kyrian Campaign

The Kyrian assume the role of angelic soul guides and are the first covenant you will encounter while playing Shadowlands. The Kyrian’s home is Bastion, a kingdom of pristine spires and clear skies. The game is set up so you can experience the lands and lore associated with each covenant before deciding which one you want to pledge your soul to. This is an important decision because while you can change covenants in the future, you have to start a new covenant campaign from scratch, and your Renown will be at 0. Renown is a covenant specific progression system, like reputation, that measures your progress with one particular covenant.

There are a whopping 26 steps in the Kyrian covenant campaign. By the time you reach stage 26, called Our Eternal Charge, you have now been fully inducted into the sacred Kyrian covenant and can stand tall forever as a Kyrian. In the last step in the quest chain, you simply return to Polemarch Adrestes, an NPC found in Bastion who you visited in the first quest, Report to Adrestes. This will then trigger the next step in your Shadowlands journey with a quest called Trial of Ascension. You finally made it!

Necrolords Campaign

As their name would suggest, Necrolords are spies and warlords who protect the Shadowlands from the enemies of Death. The Necrolord’s home is the eery land called Maldraxxus. Maldraxxus is the brutal and dark zone of unending conflict. Players who want to be Necrolords must be brave and hardy.

There are 24 steps to the Necrolords campaign, with each requiring you to build Renown with the Necrolords and complete specific activities to demonstrate your loyalty.

Night Fae Campaign

The Night Fae are the pure souled guardians of nature and champions of the cycle of life and death. They hail from Ardenwald, a dark mirror of the Emerald Dream.

Okay, so this one is a hefty campaign, but it’s all worth it if you want to be a dedicated member of the mythical Night Faes. The Night Fae campaign is 29 steps long, concluding with the quest The Endless Forest, where you become a fully inducted member of the covenant.

Venthyr Campaign

The Venthyr, otherwise known as the vampire covenant, seek to purge troubled souls of their flaws like pride, greed, and apathy. The Venthyr rule over the dark and gothic zone Revendreth.

The Venthyr campaign is 24 steps long, concluding with the quest Our True Purpose.

Why Covenants Are Important

If you want to compete at max level, you’ll need to be in a covenant, complete the campaign, and acquire your covenant abilities. Covenants are designed to add more utility to your character. The idea is that you can bring specific things to the table by completing the campaign. If you don’t enter a covenant, you’re locked out of Shadowlands.

Why Boosting Services Are a Good Option for Covenant Campaigns

Like most things in World of Warcraft, covenant campaigns are extremely time-consuming but necessary. Building up your Renown takes a long time and can only be done through completing your chosen campaign and completing weekly quests. You unlock Renown for each chapter of the Covenant campaign you complete, and certain chapters are locked by Renown. For example, Chapter 3 requires 5 Renown.

You also have to battle with weekly Renown caps, so you’re limited to how fast you can progress. What we’re getting at here is that you need to be working on your covenant campaign every week without fail to complete the storyline. If you don’t have the free time or energy to do this, then you can buy WoW boosting services and have someone else do it for you. WoW Boosters know what they’re doing – they’re expert WoW players who know how to gather Renown and complete your campaign in the most optimized and time-efficient way.

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