Brand Spotlight: Valor Fireplaces

The search for the best fireplace is never easy. There are so many considerations you have to make and not just cost-wise. Bearing in mind most fireplaces don’t offer significant heat while others rely on a fan to disperse heat, you have to be particularly careful before you choose a fireplace. One of the most promising options out there is Valor fireplace. The fireplace has a perfected radiant heat technology, which allows the fireplace to generate constant and comfortable warmth. 

Continues Working without the Main Power

One of the main challenges with standard fireplaces is that they don’t work efficiently when there is a power outage. This is not the case with a Valor fireplace. It is equipped with batteries that keep the fireplace running even when there is a power failure. The fireplace also does not require a fan to disperse heat to the rest of the room because it relies on radiant heat.  

You can Order a Custom Fireplace

One of the best things about Valor fireplaces is that you get the option of building your own custom fireplace. You have the option of submitting your custom designs and getting a fireplace designed to your specifications. This is particularly important when you want a fireplace that stands out. If you can’t find the design that works for you, you can always submit your specifications to get a custom-made fireplace. 

Indoor and Outdoor Options Available

The Valor fireplace is designed for maximum efficiency. It features three unique fuel beds, seven liners as well as four fronts. It can be accommodated into just any design style while offering efficient, radiant warmth. The best thing about these gas fireplaces is that you will have an option for both indoors and outdoors. They are the best option for converting an existing wood-burning gas fireplace into a reliable, heater-rated fireplace. Gas stoves are also available for when you don’t have a designated space for installing a fireplace. 

Remote Control Options

Another remarkable feature with the Valor gas fireplace is that you have the option to control the fireplace using a remote app. The remote offers full control with interactive and intuitive options, which include setting a countdown timer and integrating child safety locks. 
The Valor fireplace is the best choice for a modern home. There are so many options in terms of style and features available for you to pick from at The Fireplace Store

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