Big Tobacco Breaks into Influencer Marketing to Promote Nicotine Pouches

Tapping into modern marketing, tobacco companies harness the consumptive power of millennials with nicotine pouches.

As any Gen-Xer can tell you, cigarettes have undergone some pretty impressive change in media and advertising appearance over the years. What was once considered a glamorous habit, used by some of the biggest starlets of the day, soon became something that was relegated to villains and Hollywood ne’er do wells. A sure sign that whatever it was you were selling, whether it was music, art, or tobacco itself, you were on your way out. Representing a bygone era with wildly different standards, much in the way newer generations cringe at the thought of ‘heroin-chic’ ever being a fashion and beauty trend.

Gone are the days of grunge being a complement, new consumers are constantly on the quest for less grotty ways of consuming than the generations before them; body positivity, eco-friendly, and responsible consumer trends have all become the mainstream niche, even using influencers as marketing tools because they provide a more “organic and personable” approach to business.  The tobacco industry has long been on the cutting edge of marketing and media, and with the newest release of nicotine pouches, it seems that they are still firmly there.

What Are Nicotine Pouches?

Nicotine pouches, an alternative to cigarettes and other tobacco products, present some incredibly novel technology put forth by the tobacco industry. As they rarely actually include any tobacco. Instead they are pre-portioned, semi-permeable pouches, filled with nicotine salt and food-grade additives. Presenting a better use case scenario for both cigarette and snus users alike.

Creating a wholly disruptive paradigm in oral tobacco products. These spitless, discreet, and on the whole, public friendly pouches create a much needed space for tobacco users in modern society. The pouches themselves vary in nicotine content and flavor, offering a wide variety of selections, which may be why they seem to be keeping pace with the vape products markets.

No smoke and large puffs of vapor to betray a users indulgence, the tiny pouches fit perfectly into purses and pockets, and most even have a small catchment in their lid, so users can tactfully dispose of used pouches even if they aren’t near an appropriate trash receptacle. Making them seemingly purpose built for the youngest generations of tobacco users.

Nicotine Pouches Meet Modern Need

Modern problems require modern solutions. More than just a catchy meme, this seems to be the hallmark of most businesses that have finely tuned their marketing and production practices towards the newest generation of adults that are emerging into large consumer brackets. Looking for lung-friendly, environmentally conscious alternatives to historical tobacco products, both marketers and producers have clearly made these products with young Millennials and older Gen Z populations in mind.

Which is never so clear as to their new found niche for marketing tactics, with some of the biggest names in tobacco dropping millions in order to get in on social media influencer campaigns to help better market the products to its intended audience. Utilizing platforms like TikTok and Instagram, the message of the alternative to traditional tobacco and vape products has surely gotten across, with one campaign in Pakistan garnering over 13 million views.

As concerns rise of the respiratory detriment that cigarettes and vape products could pose, both industry creators and consumers continue to look for better ways to consume their favorite product, and with nicotine pouches, they just may have found it.

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