Angel Manuel Soto Signs Up to Direct a Big Screen Version of DC’s The Blue Beetle

I remember when I was twelve years old and living in Rome, New York. I was a newly minted seventh grader and – despite my ascent into what I was happily and selfishly convinced was abject and decadent adulthood – I still loved and worshiped the comic books and movies of my younger years. And so it was that I found myself at a local mall on a pristine autumn afternoon perusing through a one-weekend-only book vendor blowout which was conveniently set up down the center-half of our sprawling mall. One of the book vendors there had a weathered and beat up 1944 copy of The Blue Beetle issue 32. The blue chain-mailed and masked mystery-man could be seen on its cover happily socking the baddie of all baddies Adolf Hitler. That cover instantly appealed to me and after very little haggling indeed, I walked away with that little trinket of a simpler time for a fast ten bucks, the entire proceeds of my meager weekly allowance. Ever since that crisp 1985 Saturday, I’ve been a steadfast fan of the ol’ Beetle, never mind that the costumed spy-smasher that I first encountered on that halcyon day had little to no resemblance to DC’s version which they had just officially premiered in their comics with the game-changing maxi-series Crisis On Infinite Earths. I loved the idea of a character and a moniker that had a mysterious and byzantine past that only the most diligent comics fan could make heads or tails of. Keep in mind Dear Readers this was years before Al Gore gifted us with the Worldwide Web where the arcane has now been replaced by the boring and the rote. Ah, technology.

 At any rate, the point of the above spiel is that the Blue Beetle has a long history and has gone through at least three or four major revisions since he first leaped out at readers in 1939’s Mystery Men Comics #1. The more recent version of the character – a hep teenager named Jaime Reyes brought to life by comics creators Keith Giffen, John Rogers and Cully Hamner – hit the ground running during DC’s world-bending 2006 mini-series Infinite Crisis before graduating into his own short lived mag. It’s that particular version of the Beetle that has been announced by the rascals at The Hollywood Reporter as being inbound to receiving his own big screen treatment, replete with a talented director to boot!

 Director Angel Manuel Soto (Charm City Kings) gets the honors of helming the upcoming Blue Beetle film for Warner Bros. Scripting the most charming Beetle since the VW (Bwa-Ha-Ha) is consummate scribe Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer of Miss Bala fame.

 No start-date announced for the Blue Beetle production as of yet, but it’s a safe bet that somewhere out there in the infinite multiverse of the four colored comic book world, there’s a twelve year old me breathlessly awaiting new adventures of dictator-punching (one side, Cap!) Blue Beetle.

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