4 Benefits Of Non-Surgical Nose Jobs In Santa Monica 

Getting a nose job (Rhinoplasty) is a very personal choice. It’s a medium-risk treatment, but choosing a professionally trained medical staff for your nose job in Santa Monica can ensure safety. Nowadays, if you want a nose job, you can select from different Rhinoplasty procedures. The nose job cost will depend on your selection of treatment.  

Common Injuries 

The human nose can smell over 10,000 distinct scents. The basic structure of the nose includes a thin piece of bone, flexible cartilages, and nasal passage. It is one of the most delicate part of the human body and gets easily affected by the external environment. Anything from a hard blow from a fall, serious impact, etc. can cause nose injury. Some of common type of nose injuries include: – 


A hit on your nose or face can cause damage to skin and bone. In an open fracture, the damage is only at skin level. In a closed fracture, the bone gets damaged, and they often call it a ‘broken nose’. Nose injury is most common in extreme sports, vehicle accidents, and outdoor games. That said, a broken nose can cause serious bruising and bleeding. 

Nose Bleeding 

The nose is a fragile part of our body, and you may end up with a nosebleed if you scratch it in excess. One of the first aid remedies to stop nose bleed is by applying ice. But if the nose bleeds continue beyond 10-15 minutes, you must seek medical attention. Other reasons for a nosebleed could be high blood pressure.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

In 2020, telemedicine and online consultation peaked because of the lockdown. The online queries for non-surgical treatments also increased. This means potential patients collected more information about this procedure. Deciding to get an on-surgical nose job in Santa Monica, the patients spend their quarantine time researching for surgeons in the local area for the treatment. A non-surgical nose job is beneficial for a couple of reasons. Here, check-out the four benefits of getting a non-surgical treatment. 

No Downtime 

After a non-surgical treatment, they allow patients to go home almost immediately. All you need to do is follow some basic precautions. The minimum duration of treatment can be 30 minutes and afterwards, you can go back to your normal lifestyle. Otherwise, in a surgical nose job in Santa Monica, the downtime can be up to 1-2 weeks.

No Scars 

Patients choose non-surgical treatment because there are no marks or scars! That is one reason patients choose this treatment over surgical treatment. Non-surgical treatment is incision-free and has no downtime. In this procedure, surgeons use a very fine needle that leaves no scars, only some red dots which heal quickly. 

Easy Recovery 

Another benefit of a non-surgical nose job is its comfortable process. The complete treatment takes less time and has fewer-to-no side effects. Sometimes patients reported a mild swelling and redness that subsides in a day or two. In surgical treatment, the swelling may extend to months and it’s difficult for patients to go out in public. 

Natural Looks 

It’s possible to get personalized nose jobs in Santa Monica depending on your preference. Potential patients can choose the amount of filler, location, and nasal shape. You can also go for liquid treatment to give your nose a new shape. Non-surgical treatment can help you get a natural look and fix any asymmetry. 

Reshaping a nose requires years of practice. If you want a nose job in Santa Monica, try Westside Face – It’s worth a call. Now you know about the non-surgical procedure, talk to the professional surgeon to gain a comprehensive view of the procedure. Book an appointment today! 

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