Win Like Djokovic: Up Your Game with Diet and Training Tips from Legendary Tennis Ace

Have you ever involuntarily made a groaning sound when getting up off the sofa?

Do you find yourself out of breath when playing with your children?

Do you get lightheaded after running for the bus?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. It’s actually pretty difficult to fit a gym or exercise programme into our daily lives with all of our other commitments, and if you work in a sedentary job with hours spent sat at a desk, the truth is your body will suffer.

But we can put an end to all of those aches and pains, if we want to…

The reality is that not everybody wants to pound the streets jogging like Rocky Balboa, and not everybody feels comfortable working out in the gym, but with home workouts becoming increasingly popular we all have the option of shaping up.

And there are easy diet plans you can follow too that could leave you feeling more energised and ready to attack your routines, as opposed to the sluggish malaise that can set in after another carb-heavy dinner.

There’s nothing wrong with treats and there’s nothing wrong with taking it easy after a hard day at work, but if you want to get into shape and feel better within yourself our advice is to live like Novak.

Novak Djokovic is a 17-time Grand Slam champion, and despite the fact that he will turn 34 in May he is still in absolute prime condition. That explains why he is the favourite in the Wimbledon outright winner tennis betting odds, and why he continues to dominate on the men’s tennis circuit even on surfaces like clay, which he is notoriously not a fan of.

The Serbian has credited a change in diet – going completely gluten-free – for his own career renaissance, so why not try the eating plan described below to see if it makes a difference to your energy levels.

Pasta Master

Unbeknown to him, Djokovic suffered from celiac disease for a number of years – that prevented him from digesting some food groups, including those heavy with gluten, properly. All those big pre-match pasta meals to give him energy were actually making Novak ill.

Even if you aren’t suffering from that ailment, cutting out gluten could have a number of benefits. Gluten is the protein that essentially binds foods such as bread, cereals and pasta together, and while you may not be intolerant to it as such it can still have a host of negative impacts on your health, including tiredness, bloating and stomach pain.

Cutting out gluten may make absolutely no impact upon your health – you may get along just fine with it in your diet. But if you are experiencing issues with digestion or feel tired after eating a pasta dish or a sandwich then, maybe, like Novak, you might want to try going gluten-free for a couple of weeks.

If we don’t try these things, how will we ever know what difference they could make?

No Weights, No Problem

Given the physical intensity of his career, it’s no surprise to learn that Djokovic is in fantastic shape.

Lean and mean, Novak’s fitness regime is built around speed and stamina – key to his baseline game and grinding down his opponents, and the good news is that you can follow in his footsteps without forking out for gym subscriptions or even any weightlifting equipment.

The Serbian’s flexibility comes from a daily regime of stretching and yoga practices, which you too can work into your routine – just ten minutes a day will make a difference to how light on your feet you will feel.

Djokovic’s exercise regime is built around achieving core strength, but you don’t need to make a commitment to performing 200 sit ups a day – that sounds awful just typing the words out.

Instead, opt for a core strengthening programme that you can perform comfortably at home – if you have an internet-enabled TV, fire up YouTube and search for ‘ab workout’ or even specific routines based around ‘engine steamers’, ‘mountain climbers’, ‘planks’ and so on.

And then we have cardio… look, not everyone is built for long runs or intense HIIT classes. Find out what works for you – it may be a walk in the park at a slightly quicker speed than normal, it might be salsa dancing, trampolining or anything else that gets your heart rate above its resting point.

You won’t necessarily become a tennis champion like Novak Djokovic after finding an exercise and diet plan that works for you, but you will surely feel incredible benefits in how you look and feel in your everyday life.

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