What is in a Traditional Cornish Pasty?

The Cornish pasty is a delicious traditional Cornwall dish filled with meat, potatoes, and fruits. The fillings are cooked in rich gravy before being rolled up in a paste that is made of flour and suet. Cornish pasty was declared as the national dish of Cornwall with its recipe in protected status. Minced beef, onion, potato, and swede are the ingredients in the traditional Cornish pasty recipe.

However, the miner’s families are often poor and cannot afford meat regularly. They only have meat once or twice every 2 – 3 months. When there is no meat, they would only make the pasties with potato and swede fillings in hard black barley crust. If you’re wondering what swede is, it is a root vegetable that looks like a turnip. It is called rutabaga in North America.

The pasties will be cooked thoroughly in the oven as long as all the ingredients are cut into equal-sized pieces. If it is cooked correctly, you will be able to taste the sweetness of the swede and smell the aroma of onions. Salt and pepper are the only seasonings used in making Cornish pasties. The peppery seasonings can be light or heavy depending on personal preference. Carrot is frowned upon to be used as an ingredient in the Cornish pasties even though they do appear in some recipe books.

Barley flour is the best flour for making the hard crust. The crust needs to be hard so that it won’t break when it drops on the ground. As the saying goes, the good pastry will remain intact even when it drops on the mine shaft. The pasties are folded up into a D shape with the crimped pattern on the edge. One will be able to notice the crumpled textured which is the result of using a hand to fold it into a D shape.

Nowadays, people don’t follow the traditional recipe when they make Cornish pasties. Many cooks have come up with their recipes. Some of the common substitutes for beef in the Cornish pasties are chicken tikka, venison, rabbit meat, pork, and Stilton cheese. If rabbit meat is used in the filling, the rabbit ribs will be used to hold out the pastries. It can also be converted into a dessert by adding sweet ingredients such as apple jam, blackberry jam, chocolate, and figs. Cornish dessert pasties are often served with sugar and cream. If you want to eat Cornish pasties, you can go to your local bakery to buy them. You can also buy Cornish pasties online.

Cornish pasties became recognized internationally due to their origin. Originally, it was produced by the wives who need to prepare food for their husbands going to a distant mine to work. The crimped pasties allow the miners to hold on to it without coming in contact with the arsenic on their fingers. Besides, it is made to be just the right size to fit in the miner’s pocket.

You can take along Cornish pasties with you while on the go. You may feel inconvenient to carry a lunch box so it would be a good idea to just pack a few Cornish pasties in your coat pocket. It is a complete meal made of meat, and veggies so you are not lacking any nutrient when you decide to eat it for your daily meal. Cornish pasties are a healthier option of fast food compared to burgers and fried chicken. It is a simple dish yet it contains all the main nutrients you need in your meal. If you are thinking of eating fast food, you may want to buy some Cornish pasties instead.

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