Top 3 Sales Enablement Software For 2021

Without a doubt, sales enablement tools are crucial for increasing sales conversions and rates. It is the perfect tool for improving sales efficiency and overall profitability. Not only this, but sales enablement software also help in creating a strategy that equips, trains, and motivates the sales team to be more productive. This tool is useful for having more targeted and high-quality sales efforts.

There are tons of different types of sales enablement software. Some solely focus on a specific area of sales enablement, while others offer a wide range of features. That is why it can become challenging and tiresome to choose the best software for your needs.

But don’t worry, we are here to help you. In this post, we have listed the top 3 sales enablement tools you can use to improve sales.

1. BrainShark

One of the best sales enablement software to get for the sales team is BrainShark. It helps in making your sales team more efficient by equipping them with the skills and knowledge to perform their best. A great thing about this tool is that you can easily share content with prospects and buyers. It is the best tool for sales as it has everything in one app. From communication to training and compliance.

The tool has the best solutions for coaching and training along with insights into sales performance. It is essential for offering an exceptional buyer experience for all customers. A special thing about this tool is that it provides on-demand training. It is perfect for keeping the sales reps up to date and onboard.

Furthermore, BrainShark has the ability to enable the reps to create content quickly that can be accessed and updated easily. Not only this, but it helps in keeping a scorecard for assessing the sales performance. You can even make real connections from increased readiness to improved revenue.

Also, the software is a mobile-first solution that offers seamless and smooth integration with other platforms such as Salesforce.


  • Easy to use
  • Wide range of features
  • Best for geographically disparate staff


  • Reporting feature needs improvement

2. Content Camel

Another great sales enablement tool you can use is Content Camel. This tool features everything your sales team needs to improve sales. It is a comprehensive tool that will help you manage your sales and marketing content in one place. You can organize your content through content age, type, funnel stage, and more.

Not only this, but you can also get rid of plenty of folders thanks to this tool. Featuring search, find, track, and share capabilities, you can find what you are looking for without any hassle. It means sales reps will be able to close deals faster as they will access the required information at the right time.

Also, the software features Google Drive Integration. You will be able to import content from anywhere, the local folders, web, and Drive. Whenever you add new content, the software will automatically create a shareable link.

Besides this, the tool has an excellent sales analytics feature. Through this feature, you can assess whether the sales reps are using the latest content or not. Another great thing about this software is that it is perfect for small to medium-sized businesses. Most sales enablement software focuses on large enterprises. That is why small to medium-sized enterprises are unable to benefit from such tools.


  • Multi-functional software
  • Easy to navigate
  • Affordable prices


  • No in-person training
  • Not mobile-friendly

3. Seismic

Next on the list is Seismic. It is considered a must-have software in sales enablement. The software will enable your sales team to have access to personalized content, messaging, and knowledge for enhancing buyer experience. Also, this tool will be useful in improving close rates and providing larger deals.

Best for large enterprises, it increases sales productivity and ROI of sales content. What makes this software so special is that it is the first tool to have a mobile-friendly approach. It means the content can be delivered to any device. Just like any other sales enablement software, it allows you to create required materials for improving sales.

Moreover, this tool has exceptional insights and data capabilities. You can easily create a strategic view of when and how the content is shared. Thanks to content analytics and intelligence, you can know what things are working and what needs to be changed. Besides this, you can even set permissions for the content to reduce risk and ensure brand integrity. To make it easy to find, you can add instructions and descriptions.


  • Exceptional search capabilities
  • Mobile-friendly


  • You might have a little difficulty learning how to use it

The Winner

In the end, all the sales enablement software has their own set of pros and cons. BrainShark provides easy content creation and sharing. It will help in tracking all the content and offers deep insights and analytics.

Seismic is a mobile-friendly sales enablement software that helps in increasing the productivity of the sales team. The best thing about this tool is the automatic distribution of personalized and relevant content. The analytics and insights features of the software are exceptional. You come up with a view of when and how to share the content. 

We recommend Content Camel for all businesses to improve sales efficiency. It will help manage and organize all the content in one place. Finding the right content at the time of closing a deal is daunting and challenging. And because of this, it usually takes more time. Once you organize the content through content type, funnel stage, and content age, sales reps can have access to the right information when closing a deal. As a result, they will be able to close deals quickly. Another big plus is its charges won’t break your bank. Also, you can try the free trial before buying it. You will not have a long-term commitment.

We hope you choose the right sales enablement software for your needs.

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