The Best Massage Gun to Try in 2021

2021 Is The Year To Try A Massage Gun

If you are ready to change your life for the better in 2021 through exercise and wellness, this might be the year for you to try an amazing massage gun. Massage guns are not just for sports injury and relaxation (although they are top notch at providing both), but they are also a great way to warm up muscles prior to strenuous workouts. Through vigorous, thorough, and intense warm up, you can prevent unwanted injuries that can cause harm to both your body and your lifestyle. Injuries that could potentially slow you down and tax both your self-esteem and your wallet are the enemy of everyone who values an active lifestyle.

This is your year to shine, so why not try out a performance-enhancing massage gun, for deep and life-changing muscle massage. Improved blood flow, decreased incidence of injury, and amazing massages are what you have in store by going to the market for this increasingly popular product. Let’s look at some of the best models out there for 2021:

Amazing Models For Performance

TheraGun invented the massage gun, and continues to lead the industry for top-notch, high-quality products. The new Theragun Prime, introduced for 2021, is a simplified version that provides all of the power of the industry-standard with a price tag that is easy on the wallet. At just $299, the Prime opens up the luxury of a TheraGun massager to those who might be intimidated by the price tag of the Pro or Elite models. 

TimTam, one of the industry leaders in high-end massagers, is currently offering a deal. If you purchase their Pro Powermassager, you also get a free Pocket Powermassager for the price of the Pro version, at $599. This will save you about $100, if you need both a pro version as well as a portable version. 

The PowerPlate Pulse offers a solid gun, with a basic design, and several attachment heads for around $250. The battery life is around 4-5 hours, which is nice. Comes with a carrying case. 

Affordable Options To Try 

There are dozens of knock off options to try on Amazon, so it’s hard to say which ones are more durable than others. Most all of the options seem to have good reviews, and they all have the same generic basic design shape. Some have added signature colors and other design variables, but they all seem to utilize the same “power drill” sort of shape. There are many that have coupons for extra money off, so if you are brave enough to try, you can pick up one of dozens of choices for around (or even under) $50.  Most also come with a carrying case and several attachment heads. 

When searched by low price, the single most affordable massage gun is the BHDD Muscle Massage Gun, which retails for an incredibly thrifty $18.49 plus free shipping with Prime. It even comes with an additional 10% off coupon at the time this article was written. It claims to use “noise reduction technology”, comes with 4 additional replacement heads, and “1800mah long-acting energy storage lithium battery, high efficiency and energy-saving”, which reportedly “provides strong and lasting power. Massage for 10 minutes a day, in 1st gear mode can be used continuously for about 18 days”. Although it looks very small from the photos, it does actually claim to have a 100% back warranty if you aren’t satisfied. This is an amazing price for a starter gun if you are on an extreme budget. 

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