Empathy has the ability to reshape civilizations. This virtuous sentiment has transformative powers that are mysterious and yet glaringly apparent. Concern for fellow organisms of this planet is a rallying factor that prompts us to seek development in every walk of human life. But with this development arrives the eternal question of a balance between emotion and apathy. Is technology making us less perceptive of other people’s sufferings?

Or is there a way to take this development in our stride and in fact derive benefits from it? Can technology provide a channel that can accelerate our charitable efforts?

In a world where technology is expediting every facet of our lifestyles, nonprofits cannot just wait around for donors to drop by checks or cash anymore. One needs to keep up with the times in order to reach out to more people in an efficient manner.

To help with this, there is a sophisticated technology that has reshaped human behavior tremendously: mobile phones. In a world like this, text to give platforms can prove to be a direct means of access in place of egress for citizens.

So What is a Text to Give Service?

To put it simply, nonprofits can use text to donate/text to give services to provide a platform for their donors to make contributions using their mobile phones. Through information sent in a text message, supporters can donate by use of specific keywords that will add their donations to their monthly bills or be redirected to a web-page.

Viola! The change is on their fingertips and gratification, just a few taps away.

Why is Text to Give Beneficial for Nonprofits?

Granted that SMS is not the most popular means of communication in today’s age, text to give platforms can still make a substantial difference in the overall collections of a Nonprofit Organisation.

1. Use the direct, immediate channel of mobile texting.

In the world of instant messaging apps, text messages are omnipresent. They’re widespread, commonplace, and here to stay, rendering them a boastful 98% read-rate. The implication of a beautifully curated SMS with the ability to evoke an emotional response is that supporters will be motivated to take action from their homes. And so, text messages effectively lead the traffic to your website where donations can take place.

2. It covers a wider demographic.

Statistically, text donors are most likely to be between 49 and 59 years old, female, married, and/or college graduates. So a Nonprofit is equipped with the power to reach a vast target audience with text to give services. Besides, netizens use texting, too. This means that it covers them in addition to, well, citizens.

3. Use text to donate for a variety of fundraising events!

Responsive designs are known to double donations on mobile phones. With the rightly curated content, you are more likely to create a greater impact on donor intentions. It is an undeniable fact that the written word has the power to appeal to human empathy profoundly. And this applies to diverse fundraising events like pledge challenges, cancer fundraisers, charity events, or religious gatherings. Be it an exclusive one-time event or a recurring campaign, text to give is your go-to for reaching your supporters effectively.   

4. Give your donors the gift of speed!

90% of text messages are read within the first three minutes of delivery. Besides, it takes about a minute and a half to respond to one. So in addition to the contentment of philanthropy, you are also giving them the gift of speed.

Besides, mobile optimization of websites has become the need of the hour because 51% of visitors who land on a nonprofit’s website do so on a mobile phone.

According to nonprofitssource.com, 25% of donors complete their donations on their mobile phones. Make the best of this speedy technology!

5. Quicker collections.

While a donation made online may be relatively smaller than one made by a donor by check, its collective impacts are monumental. Instead of depending on fewer but large sums from selective donors, you can now spike collections through humble donations from a large number of supporters.        

6. You Can’t Ignore It!

Granted that automated texts can be annoying, it can be said with certainty that it does not go unnoticed. When one uses text to donate services for noble purposes, it will definitely solicit beneficence.

In an era where humanity has given technology the power to erase the ‘human’ out of us, turning this perceived foe into an ally will make this world a better place.

Final Thoughts

Text to give makes it possible to practice empathy on-the-go. It will encourage your donors into making impulse donations owing to the fact that they do not have to visit your foundation, drop a check or send it by mail. They do not even have to switch on their computers! All it takes is a few taps on their mobile phones and gain the gratification that comes with charity.

We hope that you are now well aware of the remarkable edge text to give offers to your fundraising efforts. At Donorbox, we believe in offering donors small exercises in convenient altruism. Do check out Donorbox’s text to give features for more information.

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